Rediscovering Old Favourites: MAC Lustering and MAC Mineralize Concealer

I did a little makeup reshuffle recently as I was using the same things over and over again (namely Rule Breaker lipstick and MAC Capricious which we all know I freaking adore) and came across MAC Lustering - a warm pink that pulls more blue than red on me, and MAC Mineralize concealer in NW50 which was my go to concealer a while back.

I actually forgot how much I used to like these - especially the concealer which is just lovely. And it feels extra awesome because I didn't have to spend a penny! Excuse me while I try to unearth more treasures in my makeup collection! (Gosh the dramatics!)

Have you come across any forgotten favourites? 
Until next time! 


Because it's a Monday | No. 11

Happy New Year! May Allah make it a brilliant and blessed one! And in aid of it being a time of new beginnings and all of that - here's a Marc Jacobs qoute gorgeously rendered by Courtney Shelton.