Little Notes #12

A delicious raspberry tart that I devoured earlier this week 

.1. I get very concerned when I see someone smoking weed or something at 6 in the morning - I feel like going up to them all like: 'okay darlin' let me just bin that for you and you go and sleep off that bad decision hmm?'

.2. Clearly I should mind my own business

.3. It's almost the Christmas holidays!! Hurrah hurrah hurrah!! Alhamdulilah! I cannot wait - I mean I do love my job thankfully but I want to have lie-ins, and stroll around in my jimjams and read more books and visit places and hopefully blog more!

.4. Instagram is rockin' my world at the moment - like I think it's bae (and no, I will not stop being basic). I've finally started posting and you can check it out @AsmaaWrites (shameless plug!)

Until next time!