Five Favourites from the Week | No. 7

These are a few of my favourite things!

LORALI by Laura Dockrill:
This is one of those books I kept putting off to read - simply because I really wanted to like it - and having finally got round to reading it, I really liked it!! It's so wonderfully written and a wild roller-coaster of a tale! Laura Dockrill is one talented lady (and utterly lovely!).

Instagram | @AsmaaWrites
I mentioned finally getting round to posting on my blog related Instagram in my Little Notes - and I've been proper getting into it - it is so much fun and I cannot believe it took me so long!

Little doodles:
Another thing I've been really quite enjoying is doodling - little things like this and this. I'm working on getting better and all but so far digging it!

Revlon Lipbutter in Wild Watermelon:
I did a review of this earlier in the week so I'll spare you - but this colour is definitely one to try!

That is - wearing several rings at one time, like the little rebel I am (not). Especially these ones from New Look that are so lightweight (albeit a little too big for me) that I barely feel them. Which is basically the best!

What are your favourites from the week then?
Until next time!