Little Notes #11

.1. So I've not blogged in a while . . . and I was doing so well. 

.2. I've been feeling under the weather most of last week - hence the lack of posts. But thankfully I'm on the mend - except the remnants of a really annoying cough that I can't seem to shift.
Hopefully it goes away and I'll be fay-fay which is the Somali word for being at the peak of health. Like the ultimate point of being healthy - know what I mean?

.3.  On that note, Halls Soothers are bae. Especially the blackcurrant flavour. Even though I'm not entirely convinced that they're actually doing anything but hey, they taste delicious at least! Which is more than I can say for Lemsip. Bluergh!

Okay, that's enough about colds and all - normal posting will resume shortly inshallah!
Until next time!