Five Favourites From the Week #4

This should have gone up last week actually but who's keeping tabs eh! 

.1. Visiting my friend in High Wycombe which I've already gushed about here

.2. Going to the theatre! We went to see Great Expectations and I really enjoyed it! Even if it was a little over the top at times . . .

.3. The ACB with Honora Lee | Kate de Goldi: This is such a charming, heart-warming tale that's full of quirk. Honestly, it's just wonderful!

.4. MAC Capricious - Yes this is still bae. No, I will not stop going on about . . . (not even sorry)

.5. My watch! Even though there are no numbers on it, but I'm getting really good at telling the time just by the angles of the hands. Neat eh!

What have you been enjoying then?
Until next time!