Five Favourites From the Week No. 5

On the hills of West Wycombe . . . I think
(Take by the brilliant photographer that is my friend Sajayjay)
.1. Actually succeeding at blogging every day in October: Yeah I'm hella chuffed . . . but I promise I'll stop now. Honest.

.2. Mi familia and friends.
Part of the reason I'm okay with my long commute is that I'm rather fond of my family - I guess I'm starting to appreciate them after having lived away from home eh!

.3. Harry Potter:
Yes, again, because I'm still sort of reading it and just appreciating what a sassy little lad Harry Potter is. It's what the movies fail at showing - how funny and cheeky he is!

.4. LEAD retreat:
Spending some time with some of my favourite people and listening to my favourite thing in the world (oh I went there!) the seerah (life of the Prophet Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him). And playing rounders - which I bloody fail at so hard. But all in all - a pretty damn fine day!

.5. Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 01:
A mouthful of a name but a pretty red - I'll pop up a review soon inshallah. (Update: read it here)

And what things have you enjoyed this week?
Until next time!