29/10 - Today was:

.1. Crisp autumn wind and occasional drizzle - excellent weather to enjoy from inside a warm place

.2. Beige-y headscarf that glittered (sort of subtly) every time it caught the light - yep, I'm easily pleased me!

.3. Reading blogs on the train - so entertaining!

.4. Dinner with friends at Pizza Express - I had some delicious pizza though I can't really remember the name! I always think I won't like the vegetarian option (being Muslim I can only eat halal meat so at non-Muslim places I opt for the vegetarian offering) as I'm Somali and we're renowned for our love of meat. Really. But the goat cheese, salad and other deliciousness  pizza was bloody topnotch. Get in ma belly!

What was your day like?
Until next time!