Things I'm looking forward to this month

The loveliest purple car near kings cross

.1. Getting in to Chuck. Granted, I've only seen one episode and yes it came out years ago but hey, it's never too late to catch up on Netflix eh!

.2. Movie night with some of my friends!! I even compiled a little list of my favourite cute movies here.

.3. Candles, especially orange and berry scented ones - Muji do a brilliant one (can't actually remember the name) but it comes in a lovely tin case and is strong enough to scent a room without being lit.

.4. Ama just be blunt here - payday! I mean it's imperative that I get the perfect maroon bag for this autumn - ya feel me? I could also do with a lovely mustard coat. And maybe some kickass boots. A new lipstick. A rich purple scarf... ah a girl can dream! (I should point out that I'm aware that it's the beginning of October but I get paid in the middle of the month! )

What things are you excited for?
 Until next time!