Some things: Bourjous Lip Crayon in Plum Russian | The Monogram Murders

//1// Bourjous Lip Crayon in Plum Russian: I forgot I owned this (hurrah for rediscovering old favourites!) - but it's very well loved - as you can possibly tell from the fact that the name is all rubbed off .  . . And as with all the lipsticks I seem to gravitate to, it's in that perfect place between a deep pink and a purple and glides on like a dream!

//2// Rings: I quite like delicate jewellery as I like to pretend I'm a dainty lass and these fit the bill rather nicely - the only drawback is that they're just a little too big for me - you know that annoying size where a ring just about sits on your finger but makes a bid for freedom every time you move your hands too vigorously? Yeah, that.

//3// The Monogram Murders: If I was completely honest - I only picked this up because of all the effects on the cover. Like, they went all out. It's got gold foil that sparkles, it's really matte (that soft as butter kind of cover that you can't help stroking over and over again . . .), I think it's even got embossing. I may have spent a good amount of time just staring at it and maybe stroking it - enough to feel that it now belonged to me and I must buy it. Clearly, I'm some kind of magpie!

Anyway, having only read one Agatha Christie novel, I can't really say if Sophie Hannah did a good job etc. But what I can say is that I got sucked in from the get-go. It's a Hercule Poirot mystery and it's bloody fabulous. As per usual, I failed epically trying to guess 'whodunit' and Sophie Hannah does not disappoint!

I must read more Agatha Christie . . .

Have you read any Agatha Christie? And what's your favourite lip crayon? (As if I need more lipsticks...or books)

Until next time!