Little Notes #9

All the lovely scents and reads

.1. I've become very well acquainted with trains these past few months as I'm trying out commuting from home to London (which is a genius thing or an utterly nutty thing to do – depending on who you ask…) and my main annoyance is that I don’t fit on most of the seats! I mean I'm not even that tall (about 5'11), but on the London Midland trains I only fit comfortable on the seats reserved for disabled passengers . . .

.2. I'm stuck in a little bit of a reading rut, having read some excellent books lately (like The Invention of Wings, The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets and The Dog, Ray) so I think I'm finally going to re-read the Harry Potter series! I've been putting it off for so long so I could rediscover it, you know?

.3. I think I want to change my blog design but I'm far too nervous to get into it again. The first little changes I did took me so long, what with the HTML/coding malarky involved that it's putting me off from doing it again. Bear in mind they were such small changes and I struggled so hard to get it right so I'm not that optimistic about my skills here!

Until next time!