Five Favourites From The Week #2

.1. Harry Potter!! I mentioned re-reading it here and it's making me all nostalgic! At the moment I'm on The Goblet Of Fire and truth be told I'm terrified of reading the last three - mainly because of all the people that die and I can't bear the emotional turmoil of that! Yup - I'm a coward me . . .

.2. Getting back into doodling/drawing things - I mean that little drawing above took me a while to get right but it was quite fun.

.3. Giving daily blogging a go! I've had to be really organised with taking pictures and all and pre-planning posts etc. (haven't given scheduling a go yet - that feels too organised! Know what I mean?), but I'm really enjoying it so far.

.4. The weather! (I'm fully taking that as a legitimate favourite). I love transition weather (apart from when I'm not sure what to wear!). And at the moment, with the quite cold but not too cold days, its rather splendid.

.5. Essie Lacquered Up. Yep. Still loving it!

What did you enjoy this week?
Until next time!