Five Favourites from the Week #1

Pinterest will always be a favourite . . .

.1. The advance copies of THESE SHALLOW GRAVES by the lovely lovely Jennifer Donnelly coming into the office.

This is one of my favourite books - a pacy murder-mystery with a brilliant set of characters (I basically want Jo and Oscar to be my friends and Eddie is bae!) that's set in the gritty streets of 18th century New York. I've unashamedly been pushing this into everyone's face so you can imagine how bloody excited I am to see the stunning hardback in real life!! (Out 27 October).

.2. The Great British Bake-Off!! 
My little sister is a serial GBBO watcher and she's somehow drawn the rest of the family into the show. I can't believe Nadiya won!! We were all quite excited! She's such a cute bundle of adorable and so very mashallah talented!

.3. Rediscovering old favourites
Namely the perfection that is Illamasqua's Seduce cream blusher. (How many times can Asmaa talk about this one blusher! It ain't even that great! Oh but it is. It's utterly brilliant my non-existent pessimist . . .)


This book just makes me want to wear red lipstick and strut about in a lovely 50s dress, listening to all the smoky dance numbers of that era. And guys, I want a gramophone . . .

.5. Reading Hannah GaleA Clothes Horse and How Sweet it Is

I freaking love Hannah Gale's blog - it's funny, brilliant and so so relatable - I actually look forward to her blog posts every day. And also, Hannah's queen of the flat lay - like all the skills yo! (Proper classy, me!)

I recently discovered The Clothes Horse - and wow! Such stunning photography! And style! I want to pin all of Rebecca's images. (And I want all of the clothes too . . .)

And How Sweet It Is! Another brilliant blog. I love everything about it - and I want to make almost every dish Jessica makes. I mean the tagline alone ('for people who, like, totally love food) just resonates with me you know?

So what have your favourites been this week?
Until next time!