Autumnal hues: Illamasqua Seduce Blusher // 17 lipstick in Rule Breaker

Like everyone else in the blogospehere (it seems), I'm head over heels for autumn and all the colour palette changes it brings, and I think I've found the perfect berry toned products to complement all the snuggly outfits, hot drinks and good books - you know, to distract from the short dark days and rainy weather . . .

On to makeup!

I love a good berry cream blusher and Illamasqua's Seduce (I've banged on about this beauty plenty a time!) fit's the bill. It gives a lovely fresh rosy-cheeked look to the face - to give that illusion that you've been out for a walk in the forest - without all the effort. So you know, win win!

Pair this with some concealer, fill in my sparse brows, a little mascara and finish off with a slick of the beauty that is Rule Breaker (which I've worn to death at home), and viola! Pinterest perfection!

Now, excuse me while I light some candles and dance in the fallen leaves . . .

So do you switch up your makeup looks for different seasons?
Until next time!