An Accidental Dupe for MAC Rebel

MAC Rebel // 17 Rule Breaker
 Now, I'm sure you've all heard about the stunner that is MAC Rebel; a purpley pink shade that is basically autumn. It's one beaut of a colour and I think I've found a pretty close dupe!

I stumbled across 17 Rule Breaker (how similar are the names though??) a while back and only realised how similar it is to Rebel recently.  

Plus Rule Breaker suits me better and at almost half the price (like how are MAC lipsticks going at £15.50??) it's a bloody bargain.
It's a smidgen more red than Rebel and like the MAC offering, it fades to a pretty stain which lasts a decent amount of time.

Top: Rule Breaker
Bottom: Rebel

Have you tried Rule Breaker?
Until next time!