A Favourite Red | Essie Lacquered Up

Essie: Lacquered Up
Now, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I have a little thing for red. (see herehere and here . . . and here . . . I'll stop now).

But my favourite hue of red has to be bright reds like the beauty that is Essie Lacquered Up. This here my friends, is a real stunner of a colour - it makes me feel all glam and 50s and we all know there is no 'chicer' era than the 50s right?

I've actually relegated all my other polishes in favour of this shade for a few months now and I think that's saying something!

Though I think you need at least two coats to get that real opaque red shade and it's one of those shades that really benefits from a top coat - something I find too much of a faff - so on me it lasts about two days before I get wear at the tips of the nails. Other than that though, this colour is bae (Sorry-not-really- that-sorry).

So what's your favourite nail colour??
Until next time!