5 Cute Movies for the Perfect Girls Night In . . .

Personally, I think I have great taste in movies - if you don't agree with me, it's your loss love . . . No I kid! But I do have a few picks that are sure winners with me and some of my friends, so I thought I'd share them here.

.1. Belle

I mentioned this in my Little Notes,  but this tale about the illegitimate mixed raced daughter of a Royal Navy officer who is raised by her English grandparents in 18th century England is a delight. It covers hard hitting issues like race and class with just the right amount of humour and romance. And in my humble opinion the main guy is setting standards high for men everywhere!

Watch with the scrummiest chocolate brownies ever (recipe here)and ice cream 

.2. Hasee toh Phasee (She Smiles, She's Snared) 

Yes, a Bollywood film. Am I cultured or what! But seriously, I really enjoyed this one. It focuses on a failing businessman who's getting married and is tasked by his bride-to-be to keep her younger sister  away from her family.
The younger sister, Meeta, has recently returned after stealing her dad's money and running away 7 years ago. So family ties are strained to say the least!
Well realised characters, an adorable leading guy and a perfectly pitched leading girl with an intriguing story line to boot - this here is a good 'un!

Get your popcorn out, there's some drama! 

.3. High School Debut

A cute Japanese movie about a girl who's decides to put her soft-balling past behind her and seek a boyfriend in a bid to become popular. Written down it sounds cliche but it's so so adorable! The main girl is kinda awkward, quirky and honest to a fault and she lands in all sorts of funny scrapes that make the film. Plus, the most popular guy in school - a tortured looking, also kinda cute boy - agrees to coach her and sparks fly. Obviously. Even though he's explicitly forbidden her to fall in love with him . . .

Ice cream for this one - preferably Ben&Jerry's - preferably Half Baked - preferably if you can get them at half the price (£4-5! Joke!).

.4. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This Thai movie (the variety eh!) is one of my favourite 'cute' movies. It's full on adorable and hilarious. The main girl, Nam, has been in love with this kind but popular boy, Shone, for a long time and her and her (amazingly brilliant) group of friends decide to follow a book that takes tips from around the world to make your crush fall in love with you. Not everything goes according to plan and all kinds of funny mishaps occur.

Perfect with lots of cookies and a hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows!) 

.5. Red

On a totally different note, Red is actually an action movie featuring Bruce Willis - which I think says it all really! But I've put it in here because it's so funny and has lots of cute moments and it's all round badass!

Complement this with all the Pringles you can get your hands on, also adding all the chocolate you can get your hands on won't hurt . . . 

What movie picks do you like for girls night in?? (Plus a pat on the back for whoever can tell me how many times I've used 'adorable' . . . )

Until next time!