3 Simple Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Internship/Work Experience

Having been an intern in children's publishing for a year and now being lucky enough to be taken on (it still feels a little weird saying that! alhamdulilah!) I thought I'd share three things that I've noticed make your internship/work experience worthwile.

.1. Enthusiasm:

I can't emphasise how important it is to be enthusiastic about the tasks you're given. However boring or mundane they are. Chances are, most people don't actually want to give you boring tasks, but if you take it in your stride, they'll be willing to trust you with bigger and more important (read fun . . . sometimes) things. I've actually seen this from both sides; as an intern and as the person giving the work experience people tasks - and it can literally be a deciding factor in what things you're asked to do. 

.2. Ask Questions:

I'm a naturally inquisitive person, so I ask so many questions I annoy myself! But to get the most out of your internship, the best thing to do is to find out about everything. Even if it has nothing to do with your department. Knowledge is knowledge and you never know when it may come in useful. Most people like to talk about the things they know about and being helpful so don't be shy - even asking why something is done a certain way might give you a wealth of useful information. Also, as the intern/work experience the majority of people will be anticipating your questions or they may even go one better and explain something without being asked. 

.3. Try Everything:

Basically say yes to everything! Because cliche though it is, you'll never know how good you are at something unless you've tried it. Or whether you like (or dislike!) it. Even if it sounds a bit scary and overwhelming - rarely does it turn out to be something you can't do. And you'll feel even prouder of yourself when you do it.

But overall, if you're lucky enough to have an internship in a place you like, enjoy it to the fullest! Make all the friends, work hard (sorry...) and make it worth your while - it flies by!

What tips do you have?
Until next time!