A Day Out In High Wycombe

So I spent the day in High Wycombe today and it was bloody brilliant alhamdulilah. I went with one of my friends (Hi Saj . . .) to visit another friend (Hi Faseha...) who lives there and it was genuinely one of the best days ever. High Wycombe and West Wycombe and all the other hamlets (oh yeah I remembered Faseha :P) are so delightfully quaint and awesome. There was a sweetshop that had a tea room and a furniture shop that fulfilled all my shabby chic dreams. Plus a mausoleum and grassy sloping hills for all the rambling.

Cue a picture heavy post - you have been warned . . .



Have you been to High Wycombe before?
Until next time!

30/10 - Today was:

.1. Rainy, so very rainy. But alhamdulilah for my giant umbrella - though it's so big and unwieldy it is bae

.2. I finished reading Child 44 which I remember I really enjoyed reading way back when I was in college and it was not too bad, a tad gruesome/gross though - think I'm getting soft in my old age . . .

.3. Tea and custard doughnuts at one of my friends' house - food for the soul (and the stomach . . .)

.4. Finally finished a project at work - now to tackle all the other things I've been putting off!

And how was your day?
Until next time!

Almost there!

Guys, guys guys! There's only one more day left of October! I've almost succeeded blogging everyday (even though I did start a few days into the month - but that's beside the point . . .).

I only just realised that it's the 30th - exciting isn't it! Though that should give you some idea of how hectic this week has been . . . Anyway - I hope you're having a great day/night - and apparently it's also Halloween tomorrow so there's that.

Until next time! 


29/10 - Today was:

.1. Crisp autumn wind and occasional drizzle - excellent weather to enjoy from inside a warm place

.2. Beige-y headscarf that glittered (sort of subtly) every time it caught the light - yep, I'm easily pleased me!

.3. Reading blogs on the train - so entertaining!

.4. Dinner with friends at Pizza Express - I had some delicious pizza though I can't really remember the name! I always think I won't like the vegetarian option (being Muslim I can only eat halal meat so at non-Muslim places I opt for the vegetarian offering) as I'm Somali and we're renowned for our love of meat. Really. But the goat cheese, salad and other deliciousness  pizza was bloody topnotch. Get in ma belly!

What was your day like?
Until next time!


Yet Again . . .

Guess who hasn't pre-planned a post again?? Yes, again. *hides face in embarrassment*. So here's a pretty picture (of sorts . . .) and hopefully normal routine shall resume shortly. Hopefully.

Until next time


Feel-Good Reads

As if I haven't mentioned it enough times - I'm currently rereading Harry Potter again after about 6 years (or whenever the last book came out. 2007?!) and though it is hilarious, laugh out loud and freaking delightful - there are certain emotionally crippling moments as we all know. I've just finished reading Order of the Phoenix and lord have mercy I can't bear to carry on! See I don't remember much of the story, except most of the people that die . . . (Sirius, Mad Eye, FRED - why though? Eh Jo? Why Fred? How's George going to live?? How is Molly going to live?!). 

Anyway, even though I really want to carry on reading - I would much rather like to avoid being a snivelly, weeping mess on the train - you know? So in a bid to inject some joy, I decided to give some of my favourite books a reread.

The three I've picked are:

.1. A Book of A Thousand Days | Shannon Hale

.2. The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place | Julie Berry

.3. It's Not Me, It's You | Mhairi McFarlane

What are your favourite feel good/light reads?
Until next time!


Because it's a Monday | No. 6


Found this image on Pinterest and I love it! Though I have no idea who made it - if you do, please let me know!

Until next time!


Five Favourites from the Week #3

.1. Seeing some of my favourite people 

.2. New Look rings

.3. More Muji candles (I can't get enough of candles!) 

.4. Pizza!!! Preferably barbecue chicken and pineapple. Nom nom nom

.5. Sophie Kinsella. I recently read Can You Keep A Secret - excellent light read! 

So what you been enjoying this week? 
Until next time!


Little Notes #10

Take me back please!
.1. Somehow, I seem to have agreed to a plethora of social activites and they all seem to be happening next week (okay maybe like 5 - but hey, that's still a lot!) I'm so very excited though!! Inshallah everything goes a-okay

.2. I read The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul the other day and my oh my is it disappointing, especially the ending where the story is tied up much too neatly. Like are you kidding me Deborah Rodrigues? Why are your characters acting so . . . out of character? Not my cup of tea at all!

.3.  You know what's really fun? Dancing. It should really be a daily activity - I mean, it is exercise so. . .  

Until next time!


Well . . .

Well, I failed quite spectacularly last weekend with pre-planning posts, so I've got nothing for today . . . I knew it was going to be tough - daily blogging that is, especially going from the terribly sporadic schedule of mine, but not this tough!
Onwards and upwards eh! (Is that how was the saying was again?). Hopefully, this weekend will be a lot more productive!

Until next time!


Some things: Bourjous Lip Crayon in Plum Russian | The Monogram Murders

//1// Bourjous Lip Crayon in Plum Russian: I forgot I owned this (hurrah for rediscovering old favourites!) - but it's very well loved - as you can possibly tell from the fact that the name is all rubbed off .  . . And as with all the lipsticks I seem to gravitate to, it's in that perfect place between a deep pink and a purple and glides on like a dream!

//2// Rings: I quite like delicate jewellery as I like to pretend I'm a dainty lass and these fit the bill rather nicely - the only drawback is that they're just a little too big for me - you know that annoying size where a ring just about sits on your finger but makes a bid for freedom every time you move your hands too vigorously? Yeah, that.

//3// The Monogram Murders: If I was completely honest - I only picked this up because of all the effects on the cover. Like, they went all out. It's got gold foil that sparkles, it's really matte (that soft as butter kind of cover that you can't help stroking over and over again . . .), I think it's even got embossing. I may have spent a good amount of time just staring at it and maybe stroking it - enough to feel that it now belonged to me and I must buy it. Clearly, I'm some kind of magpie!

Anyway, having only read one Agatha Christie novel, I can't really say if Sophie Hannah did a good job etc. But what I can say is that I got sucked in from the get-go. It's a Hercule Poirot mystery and it's bloody fabulous. As per usual, I failed epically trying to guess 'whodunit' and Sophie Hannah does not disappoint!

I must read more Agatha Christie . . .

Have you read any Agatha Christie? And what's your favourite lip crayon? (As if I need more lipsticks...or books)

Until next time!


Very Good Lives | J. K. Rowling

Not only is JK Rowling the bleeding genius behind Harry Potter (no, I will not stop banging on about it . . . ) she's also insanely inspirational and not to mention downright HILARIOUS. 
And all that is wrapped up in this quick but inspiring read. It's essentially a speech JK Rowling gave and it was so brilliant it was made into a book. I think it's such a gem and everybody should pick it up. Really. That is all.

Have you had a read of this?
Until next time!


Makeup Menu - MUA Highlighter | Revlon Red Velvet | Elizabeth Arden Mascara

Revlon Red VelvetMUA Highlighter | Elizabeth Arden Mascara 

Highlighter is something I rarely seem to think about. I mean I like the concept - a glowy complexion for the win - but I'd rather pick up a new lipstick. So I thought I'd mix it up a little this week and actually try something different.

I came across this pretty highlighter in Superdrug at the MUA stand - I think it cost about £4 (!) and it comes out rather nicely. I've only tried it once - so things might change, but at the moment - am all over highlighting! (Though apparently there's a thing called strobing??).

Methinks it looks top notch worn with Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet (a great easy-to-wear deep red that I wore to death last autumn) and lashes of mascara - (in this case an Elizabeth Arden mascara).

Have you tried any new products recently?
Until next time!