A Lazy Kind of Sunday

Some of the things that made my day...

I always have the intention to really use my Sundays you know? I make grand plans involving cleaning and organising and all sorts. It doesn't always come to fruition... This was one of those days.

And lovely it was too! I did start with the cleaning, then got distracted by several things and ended up sitting amongst all the debris and watching Two Weeks Notice.

I really don't know how it happened...

Until next time!


Side Note: I bloody love Sandra Bullock!



Little Notes #7

Delicious treats made my friend
The Cake Lady


.1. So my laptop has pretty much given up on me. Which of course is so delightful and not at all an inconvenience...

.2. It looks like Summer is well and truly over - judging by the bleak few days we've had and actually I don't think that's too bad - roll on autumn and all the romantic cliches that come with it! (Except short, dark days - not prepared for that yet!)

.3. And come to think of it - am not quite ready for blustery, rainy weather either...


Until next time