Some favourites

The selection...

//1// Suitcase Magazine:  
This magazine! It is a brilliant fusion of Travel and Fashion with really insightful articles and beautifully laid out photos that's fast becoming a favourite read of mine.

//2// Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl:
Is Dragon Girl not the best name ever for a lipstick??? I mentioned this a while back in my March Favourites (of 2014!) and at the moment I'm loving it even more than my Ruby Woo (gasp!).

//3// Jo Malone Cologne in Sweet Lemon:  
I'm terrible at describing scents but this is such a lovely fresh fragrance that's quite zesty and almost 'grown-up' fruity. If that makes any sense!

//4// A Man Called Ove:
I mentioned this here when I was still reading it and having now finished it, it's even better than I thought. It's such a warm-hearted tale that really pulls at the ol' heartstrings. This one's perfect for a long commute - that is if you're not too embarrassed to laugh on public transport...

//5//  Primark Sunglasses: 
Now, I have quite small face, and sunglasses, of any kind, make me look a little like a bug. But these, even though they're a little on the large side for me, are so lovely that I don't even mind the bug-eyed look!

What things have you been liking recently?
Until next time!