On the hunt for the perfect eyeliner...

...I say 'hunt' as if I've tried a whole host of liners - instead of like...two. But hey at least I've given those few a really 'thorough' test. And today I'm bringing you the eyeliner that might, might be a contender for that spot. (What dramatics!)

Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl 

Now, you may have seen me rave about the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner but guys, this Soap and Glory beauty blows it right out of the waters. 

Since I'm a creature of habit (apart from when it comes to lipsticks...) I've been using the Urban Decay one for about two years now and I was quite fond of it. Even if it wasn't as pigmented as I wanted so I had to go back and forth to get a deep black. And boy does it smudge - giving me 'sultry' (not!) panda eyes. But other than that (!) - it was totally fine. 

I decided to pick the Soap and Glory offering on a whim and it's brilliant! It's soft and creamy but sets. Plus unwanted smudging is at a minimum, it's a deep black and icing on the cake...it's miles cheaper! Win win win! 

Now that I've been 'daring' and tried something different - I feel like experimenting! 

One of my friends swears by MAC Teddy which I have yet to try - do you have any eye liner recommendations? 

Until next time!