Sloppy attempts but there you go! 
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Current Reads | Americanah // Finding Audrey


Finding Audrey proof copy

Finding Audrey | Sophie Kinsella

I love Sophie Kinsella - even though I pretend to be a really elite reader...
So when I found out that that she had a new book out and a YA (young adult) offering at that, let's just say I was a tad excited.

Truth be told, it really exceeded my expectations as it has themes of bullying and depression yet it's all handled so delicately with Kinsella's trademark wit and warmth. Plus it's a really quick and lovely read and the family is so wacky and wonderful!

Americanah | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This is the book I'm currently reading. I've heard so much good things about it and I know several people who love this (which actually may or may not be a good thing) but I'm really quite excited to see how the story will pan out.

What books are you currently perusing?
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Some favourites

The selection...

//1// Suitcase Magazine:  
This magazine! It is a brilliant fusion of Travel and Fashion with really insightful articles and beautifully laid out photos that's fast becoming a favourite read of mine.

//2// Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl:
Is Dragon Girl not the best name ever for a lipstick??? I mentioned this a while back in my March Favourites (of 2014!) and at the moment I'm loving it even more than my Ruby Woo (gasp!).

//3// Jo Malone Cologne in Sweet Lemon:  
I'm terrible at describing scents but this is such a lovely fresh fragrance that's quite zesty and almost 'grown-up' fruity. If that makes any sense!

//4// A Man Called Ove:
I mentioned this here when I was still reading it and having now finished it, it's even better than I thought. It's such a warm-hearted tale that really pulls at the ol' heartstrings. This one's perfect for a long commute - that is if you're not too embarrassed to laugh on public transport...

//5//  Primark Sunglasses: 
Now, I have quite small face, and sunglasses, of any kind, make me look a little like a bug. But these, even though they're a little on the large side for me, are so lovely that I don't even mind the bug-eyed look!

What things have you been liking recently?
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Because it's Monday | No. 3

From: Grace and Josie

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Recipe for a Blissful Afternoon

This for me is what compromises a perfect Sunday.
Adjust accordingly.

.1. All the food!!
.2. A good book (especially if it's raining)
.3. Chatting with family/friends
.4. Painting (albeit badly)
.5. Going for a walk on sunny days
.6. Watching a favourite film or a new one (I really want to watch SPY)
.7. Baking (have you tried these scrumptious brownies? Or these heavenly sweet orange cookies?)
.8. Cleaning! No really - isn't so satisfying?

P.s. No, this isn't all done in one day. I'm far too lazy...

What kind of things float your boat?
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On the hunt for the perfect eyeliner...

...I say 'hunt' as if I've tried a whole host of liners - instead of like...two. But hey at least I've given those few a really 'thorough' test. And today I'm bringing you the eyeliner that might, might be a contender for that spot. (What dramatics!)

Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl 

Now, you may have seen me rave about the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner but guys, this Soap and Glory beauty blows it right out of the waters. 

Since I'm a creature of habit (apart from when it comes to lipsticks...) I've been using the Urban Decay one for about two years now and I was quite fond of it. Even if it wasn't as pigmented as I wanted so I had to go back and forth to get a deep black. And boy does it smudge - giving me 'sultry' (not!) panda eyes. But other than that (!) - it was totally fine. 

I decided to pick the Soap and Glory offering on a whim and it's brilliant! It's soft and creamy but sets. Plus unwanted smudging is at a minimum, it's a deep black and icing on the cake...it's miles cheaper! Win win win! 

Now that I've been 'daring' and tried something different - I feel like experimenting! 

One of my friends swears by MAC Teddy which I have yet to try - do you have any eye liner recommendations? 

Until next time!


Current Reads: A Man Called Ove // Trouble is a Friend of Mine

Books, books and books

Trouble is a Friend of Mine | Stephanie Tromly

This is one funny, wacky mystery. I mean I was sold by one part of the blurb alone:

''A mystery where catching the crook isn't the only hook, a romance where the leading man is decidedly unromantic, a story about friendship where they aren't even sure they like each other..."

And that's exactly what it was! It's publishing in August and it's one of our books (I still kinda love saying that...alhamdulilah) that I can't wait for everyone to have a read of!

A Man Called Ove | Fredrik Backman

I've only just started reading this but I have high hopes. It reminds me a little of The Hundred-Year-Old Man... (long title!) that I mentioned here and I'm enjoying it so far. Plus - such a lovely cover right! Thought the story is about a grumpy old man with very set ways and who isn't fond of the 'idiots' that he's surrounded by. But he's such a warm, humorous character, you know deep, deep down, that you can't help loving him!

What are you reading at the moment? Or even thinking of reading?
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For the love of midi skirts and strappy heels

Image 4 of ASOS Full Midi Circle Skirt with Pockets
Just to show what I mean: ASOS
Now, because I spend most of my time on Pinterest (I bloody love the app!), pinning like a lady possessed, I've come across a host of things that I didn't even know I needed. One of these is a full midi skirt. I want all of the styles and colours. No, seriously, gimme gimme gimme. Paired with ankle strap heels and a lovely little stripy top and my oh my it's magical.
I mean ignore the fact that I'm 5'11 and heels don't go well with me, and I'm Muslim so there's far too much leg for the outside world (as in wearing with a hijab...) - but hey this is Pinterest ya'll - it's all fantasy right...

So in lieu of actually, you know, buying and all that - I thought I'd compile a little wishlist of sorts of pretty pieces.

Like this floral number:


Mustard-coloured? Yes.

In case a stripy top isn't enough, have a striped skirt!
New Look
Last one...
New Look
Can we have a moment for these heels though?

Okay, I'm done...for now. What are you lusting after?
Until next time!


Because it's Monday | No.2

A little note to remember for the week - you know , mostly for my own benefit...
Borrowed from : ISLAM SYMPHONY 

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