These are a few of my favourite things...

& Other Stories Shinjuku Bloom Body Mist// MAC Capricious Lipstick // MUA Truffle Cream Nail Polsih  

Shall I tell you a secret?? Come close... *whispers* I don't actually wear make-up much. Gasp! Truth be told - it's because I'm far too lazy. See, it's all well and good wearing it in the morning but who's got time to take it all off at night? That's too much effort man! 

Anyway! Let's move on to the topic at hand: some of the things I've been liking so far (phwoar what a lengthy sentence - no wonder 'Favourites' exists!).

First up, is the & Other Stories Body Mist in Shinjuku Bloom which is encased in fancy 'minimalist' packaging and quite a sweet scent. I've noticed I seem to be always drawn to fruity/sweet scents and this falls right into that category.

Look at all the creativity in this picture! What? That's clearly a heart-shaped swatch there!

Topping the list of my (many) 'barely there' lipsticks is MAC Capricious Lipstick which is a Lustre (not too much colour payoff and slightly glossy). And I think this is * the one*. Yeah yeah I'm sure I felt that way about this one and that one and also these but seriously I've found the one. What a moment! Allow me to gush, it is the most 'on point' everyday colour. Giving just the right amount of pinky-brown to look natural yet 'done'. I think I'm in love...

Finally we've got the MUA Nail Polish in Truffle Cream which is a classy nude that looks quite pink-ish (spotting a trend yet?) on me. It doesn't last very long, about two days but for the grand price of £1, I can live with that!

Until next time!