Five Favourites from the Week | No. 7

These are a few of my favourite things!

LORALI by Laura Dockrill:
This is one of those books I kept putting off to read - simply because I really wanted to like it - and having finally got round to reading it, I really liked it!! It's so wonderfully written and a wild roller-coaster of a tale! Laura Dockrill is one talented lady (and utterly lovely!).

Instagram | @AsmaaWrites
I mentioned finally getting round to posting on my blog related Instagram in my Little Notes - and I've been proper getting into it - it is so much fun and I cannot believe it took me so long!

Little doodles:
Another thing I've been really quite enjoying is doodling - little things like this and this. I'm working on getting better and all but so far digging it!

Revlon Lipbutter in Wild Watermelon:
I did a review of this earlier in the week so I'll spare you - but this colour is definitely one to try!

That is - wearing several rings at one time, like the little rebel I am (not). Especially these ones from New Look that are so lightweight (albeit a little too big for me) that I barely feel them. Which is basically the best!

What are your favourites from the week then?
Until next time!


Monsters | Emerald Fennel - A Review

MONSTERS by Emerald Fennel

This book though! I've been pushing it at everyone for the longest time because it is so utterly brilliant.

In a nutshell it's 'a book about two kids that's definitely not for kids'. It so deliciously dark, and a little bleak. But the dry humour is what really makes it - there are actually some laugh out loud moments but also 'gosh I shouldn't be laughing that's terrible' times too. Though the ending did leave me a little horrified so there's that!

If you're looking for a slightly unsettling yet darkly humorous read, with plenty of murder - this will definitely be right up your street!

So what book would you recommend?
Until next time!


Revlon Wild Watermelon Lip Butter | A Review

Revlon Wild Watermelon

I know, I know, tis the season for dark plum lips and deep berry shades (like the stunner that is 17 Rule Breaker . . . ), but do you see this beautiful bright reddish orange?? It's one of those that brighten your whole face and that's always a win in my book!

As with the rest of the Revlon Lip Butter range, it's creamy and moisturising (like the name would suggest . . .) and lasts pretty well for what it is!

Even though Wild Watermelon is a perfect Summer hue - another of my favourites - Red Velvet is just the shade for this weather. Though at the moment, I'm enjoying Wild Watermelon too much!

Have you tried the Lip Butters?
Until next time!



Little Notes #12

A delicious raspberry tart that I devoured earlier this week 

.1. I get very concerned when I see someone smoking weed or something at 6 in the morning - I feel like going up to them all like: 'okay darlin' let me just bin that for you and you go and sleep off that bad decision hmm?'

.2. Clearly I should mind my own business

.3. It's almost the Christmas holidays!! Hurrah hurrah hurrah!! Alhamdulilah! I cannot wait - I mean I do love my job thankfully but I want to have lie-ins, and stroll around in my jimjams and read more books and visit places and hopefully blog more!

.4. Instagram is rockin' my world at the moment - like I think it's bae (and no, I will not stop being basic). I've finally started posting and you can check it out @AsmaaWrites (shameless plug!)

Until next time!


Breakfast at Damascena

Ooh la la! Look at me being all fancy fancy-like having breakfast out! And not just your standard either but proper exotic like  as if I'm on holiday. No I kid. It was your standard Syrian fare and it was lovely. I went with one of my friends who I haven't seen in too long and we nattered the morning away. So all in all, a perfect Sunday morning alhamdulilah!

Did you have a good weekend?
Until next time!


Because it's a Monday | No. 9

Christopher Robin:
By Jill De Haan 

This adorable quote by Christopher Robin, yes from Winnie the Pooh, I think we should all take to heart! Especially when it's this beautifully written by Jill De Haan. (Find more of her work here)


Little Notes #11

.1. So I've not blogged in a while . . . and I was doing so well. 

.2. I've been feeling under the weather most of last week - hence the lack of posts. But thankfully I'm on the mend - except the remnants of a really annoying cough that I can't seem to shift.
Hopefully it goes away and I'll be fay-fay which is the Somali word for being at the peak of health. Like the ultimate point of being healthy - know what I mean?

.3.  On that note, Halls Soothers are bae. Especially the blackcurrant flavour. Even though I'm not entirely convinced that they're actually doing anything but hey, they taste delicious at least! Which is more than I can say for Lemsip. Bluergh!

Okay, that's enough about colds and all - normal posting will resume shortly inshallah!
Until next time!


Because it's a Monday | No.8

Not sure who wrote this - but it resonated with me. Sometimes the news just depresses me.

Five Favourites from the Week No.6


.1. The delicious selection of Christmas drinks at Costa - me and my friend at work got giddy with excitement at it all (Okay maybe just me - but there's a tiramisu one! Like how?) but we both went for the caramel fudge hot chocolate which had gold glitter! So I'm sure you can understand the excitement  . . .

.2. Watching She Was Pretty - a hilarious Korean drama which for once has not annoyed me with all the usual dramatics of love triangles/surly main guys/pouty childish lead girl - that makes me avoid all Korean dramas like the plague. Anyway, even though there are some silly little bits - as a whole, I'm really enjoying it so far!

.3. Getting to scoff all the junk food on Saturday because some friends came over - it doesn't count if you're having a meeting right? Though I had so much ice cream over the weekend - my throat is feeling a bit funny . . .

.4. Finally getting round to planning how to raise the £2,000 me and the aforementioned friends pledged to raise for Palestine - I've actually missed being proactive you know

.5. Wearing Rule Breaker - yep - still on that! Honestly, I will stop talking about it one day but for now, I've been neglecting all the other lipsticks for it (apart from MAC Capricious because like I've said - bae). I've talked about it so. many. times. Not even sorry . . .

So what things have you been enjoying?
Until next time!


Makeup Menu 2 | Topshop Nail Polish and 17 Lipstick in Rule Breaker

I'd always be rather be reading

I don't even know the name of that stunning shade of polish since I inherited it from one of the lovely girls at work - but it is beautiful!

This I paired with my good ol Rule Breaker which yes - I freaking can't get enough of! Seriously, it seems to be my ultimate favourite lipstick at the moment and if any of you know how I feel about my lippies, then you know that this is real love fam. I kid you not. Right. Enough about me!

What makeup items have you been enjoying lately?
Until next time!


Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 01 | A Review

Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 01 | Background from Homemade Memories by Kate Doran

I've had this lovely little lippy for quite a while now (it got a mention in my weekly favourites) and it has the most perfect matte formula. You know when the lipstick isn't dry and doesn't tug at your lips - it's just all smooth sailing - yeah that.

The only issue I have is that sometimes, after a while, it kinda separates on the lips which doesn't look great. Though a little lipbalm fixes this - but something to note!

However, the colour is this beautiful bright red which and I'm so proud of this - my non-makeup wearing sister loves. This doesn't belong to me any more even! So clearly my work is done.

Have you tried any of the Rouge Edition Lipsticks?
Until next time!


Because it's a Monday | No. 7

Being all arty-like and utterly failing to notice I've missed a letter...awks

'Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by' 
- Surah Ad Duha (93:4)


Five Favourites From the Week No. 5

On the hills of West Wycombe . . . I think
(Take by the brilliant photographer that is my friend Sajayjay)
.1. Actually succeeding at blogging every day in October: Yeah I'm hella chuffed . . . but I promise I'll stop now. Honest.

.2. Mi familia and friends.
Part of the reason I'm okay with my long commute is that I'm rather fond of my family - I guess I'm starting to appreciate them after having lived away from home eh!

.3. Harry Potter:
Yes, again, because I'm still sort of reading it and just appreciating what a sassy little lad Harry Potter is. It's what the movies fail at showing - how funny and cheeky he is!

.4. LEAD retreat:
Spending some time with some of my favourite people and listening to my favourite thing in the world (oh I went there!) the seerah (life of the Prophet Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him). And playing rounders - which I bloody fail at so hard. But all in all - a pretty damn fine day!

.5. Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 01:
A mouthful of a name but a pretty red - I'll pop up a review soon inshallah. (Update: read it here)

And what things have you enjoyed this week?
Until next time!


I made it! (Daily Blogging Update)

Trying out this 'planning' thing . . .

So I don't know if you know this (!), but I gave daily blogging a go and GUESS what? I did it! I did it! And gosh it was kinda hard you know. I mean I was anticipating it but I really didn't expect it to be almost stressful!

But it was still fun and it's forced me to 'step up' my game if you will. And to be honest, I'm a little proud of this little space of mine - so this made me want to really put the effort in, you know!

Anyway, I probably won't blog daily as I found myself sometimes posting things just for the sake of posting but I will definitely be doing it more often. Especially as this has shown me that actually I can blog and work full time so why the hell not eh? So hurrah for that!

Until next time!


Five Favourites From the Week #4

This should have gone up last week actually but who's keeping tabs eh! 

.1. Visiting my friend in High Wycombe which I've already gushed about here

.2. Going to the theatre! We went to see Great Expectations and I really enjoyed it! Even if it was a little over the top at times . . .

.3. The ACB with Honora Lee | Kate de Goldi: This is such a charming, heart-warming tale that's full of quirk. Honestly, it's just wonderful!

.4. MAC Capricious - Yes this is still bae. No, I will not stop going on about . . . (not even sorry)

.5. My watch! Even though there are no numbers on it, but I'm getting really good at telling the time just by the angles of the hands. Neat eh!

What have you been enjoying then?
Until next time!



A Day Out In High Wycombe

So I spent the day in High Wycombe today and it was bloody brilliant alhamdulilah. I went with one of my friends (Hi Saj . . .) to visit another friend (Hi Faseha...) who lives there and it was genuinely one of the best days ever. High Wycombe and West Wycombe and all the other hamlets (oh yeah I remembered Faseha :P) are so delightfully quaint and awesome. There was a sweetshop that had a tea room and a furniture shop that fulfilled all my shabby chic dreams. Plus a mausoleum and grassy sloping hills for all the rambling.

Cue a picture heavy post - you have been warned . . .



Have you been to High Wycombe before?
Until next time!