The Week

Letter For the King//Scarf from local hijab shop/Clinique Chubby Stick//Tea-just because!


Letter For The King - Tonke Dragt : I've been wanting to read this for a while but because I have a mammoth To Read list it got pushed back in favour of things I had to read like HOLES but when Mina picked it for the Hot Key Book Club book,  let's just say I was just a teeny weeny bit overexcited! Needless to say, it hasn't disappointed...so far!


Scarf - Autumnal weather and all - it's getting colder, cold enough for me to whip out this lovely, lovely scarf that's perfect for 'transitional' weather - I've taken to carrying this in my bag (yes, just like an elderly lady, I'm prepared for all sorts!).

Clinique Chubby Stick - Super Strawberry: This little beauty came with a magazine (which I bought just for the lip pencil) a few months ago and has joined the ranks of Favourite Barely There Lip Colours - an actual category (where all the colours are almost all the same - to an untrained eye that is!).

We took a trip to the V&A museum on Friday and it was brilliant!  I think my favourite exhibition was the Disobedient Objects one - which is all about the creative way people express themselves in protests - in terms of the things they use. Then we decided to trek to Westminster Pier and walked by the River Thames - it was lovely and pretty with all the lights - methinks the best time is at night, it all looks truly beautiful then!

Until next time!