The little things

The most refreshing, heavenly tasting raspberry sorbet!

When everything gets too routine-y and has a 'stuck in a rut' feel - it can literally feel like life is merrily passing me by. Now there's nothing worse than that feeling for me - so, in the interest of 'reclaiming the fun times' and all that 'the world is your oyster' drivel - I've been trying to interject little fun things into the week - simple things, like going to a dessert place (because ice cream just makes me happy and I'm talking on a 'spiritual' level here . . . I kid) visiting the British Library  (they had a WW1 exhibition - with poems from Wilfred Owen!), going for a long ramble through the concrete jungles of London or even having a pampering session and then cosying up with your favourite book!

And guess what? This malarkey actually worked, nope it didn't stop me from still wanting to be a high flying city person, gallivanting from theatre to theatre and going to niche events etc. but hey I still felt like I got some kind of 'excitement fix'!

So what do you do when you're feeling down in the dumps?
Until next time!