Little Notes #6

The Boy with the Tiger's Heart - Linda Coggin

.1. Due to the constant travelling I do - that is, within London and often going back home, nothing more glamorous sadly - I have racked up quite a pile of read books (and an even bigger TO READ pile).  The upside to this is that I have found quite a few gems. Like The Boy with the Tiger's Heart - one emotional and powerful book. 

.2. I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately but not to worry! I've found a way to 'beat the blues' as it where (have a look here) - though for full on upsetting times I find, cheesy though it may be - immersing myself in listening to the Quraan, especially particular reciters (like Mishary and Shuraim), to be so calming and soothing!

.3. I've noticed that I've become very appreciative of my family and their quirks which is to be expected really, as absence does really make the heart grow fonder ( and all together now, 'aaawww').

Until next time!