WEARING. READING. Princess Academy// No.7 Grace Lipstick

Things for the week.

R E A D I N G : 
Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. I read this when I was younger and decided to read it again because Shannon Hale, author of The Book of a Thousand Days (one of my favourite books) knows how to weave a magical tale and this is no exception.

W E A R I N G :
River Island Rose Gold watch:  I bought this last year and am still a little obsessed with it.

No.7 Grace Lipstick: This is a beautiful brick red/burnt orange colour with an epic formula! It's matte but so moisturising. Yet lasts hours and doesn't look too bold on the lips.

Heart ring: I love this delicate piece of jewellery, the gold and pale pink complement each other beautifully and it makes me feel all lady like (you know, because it's so dainty!).

Until next time!