London Travels

Two books are a must- you know one for the train there and one for the ride back ^.^

The Makeup:

For once I didn't over do it with the lip products and only brought two favourites with me (I couldn't decide between them..) : Revlon Lipstick in Rich Girl Red which is a lovely sheer, coral -red and MAC Creme in Your Coffee - a muted rosy brown.

B. Vibrant Lip and Cheek Colour in Goji from Superdrug also came with me. I prefer it as a cheek colour as it is a perfect plum/pink on. I tend to avoid reddish colours for blusher as it always looks too much like I'm hot and flustered- see you'd think an advantage of being dark skinned is that you can't tell if I'm blushing or not but no I can go very red! Anyway! This lip crayon is fantastic simply because it's so easy to cart around!

The L'occitane Hand Cream has been well loved and is now sadly on its way out! It is a fantastic little tube of goodness for my dry, dry hands! 
Another necessity is the Urban Decay Eyeliner (which I'm sure I've mentioned before but can't find the link to-oh well!) this two ended eyeliner is a good 'un! A dark brown on one side and a charcoal black on the other, they're creamy, soft and don't budge. Multi purpose product at its finest.  
Lastly, the Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose in all honesty only came with me for its handy mirror!

The Eco Tools case won over the bejeweled beauty in the earlier picture.  

Other necessities:

Books •  The Man Repeller and the second book is from the Books of Pellinor series; The Riddle by Alison Croggon  • Diary  • Keys  • Mango Purse  • Notebook and Pens  • Headphones • Tissues  • And lots of food and sweets •

So what things can't you go anywhere without?
Until next time!