The Yummiest Scrummiest Easiest to Bake Brownies : A Recipe

As I said in my Little Notes post, here's the recipe for these fantastic brownies!

What you need:
185g Butter (Room Temp.)
185g Dark Chocolate
50g Milk Chocolate
85g Plain Flour
40g Cocoa powder
3 Large eggs
275g  Castor Sugar

.1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

.2. Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into one bowl. (Because you don't want bits)

.3. Cut the butter and dark chocolate into smallish pieces (the smaller you cut it, the faster it'll melt) and pour into another bowl.
Then fill a saucepan with hot water and place the bowl on top of it for it to melt. Or if you own a microwave *we don't- my dad has a thing against them- something about the waves being bad for your health*
stick it in and just take it out at intervals to stir it.

.4.  After it's all melted and while you're waiting for it to cool, whisk the eggs in a third, bigger bowl till it's a light, fluffy, creamy texture, then gradually add the sugar and whisk some more till the sugar is all gone. *Note; eggs whisked first, then sugar or you'll be there for a while*

.5. Stir the melted chocolate into the eggs, continue stirring until it's fully mixed and it's a dark brown colour. *Have a quick taste.*
Then sieve the flour and cocoa mix in and gently fold it till the ingredients are all combined.

.6. Chop the milk chocolate into small chunks and tip into the mixture. Stir one last time.

.7. Line a medium square tray with a baking sheet and pour in the chocolatey mix.

.8. Pop it into the oven for about 25- 30 minutes. (Tip; after 25mins take it out *wear oven gloves*, gently move it side to side, if the middle wobbles then stick it back in)

.9. Then leave to cool for 1 hour and if you can control yourself (we've never have) you can leave it in an airtight container.

.10. Sit back and admire your handiwork.

Enjoy your epic chocolatey goodness with vanilla ice cream

Recipe adapted from the BBC Good Food by Sumaya

Hope you enjoy your masterpiece and do let me know if you give it a go!
Until next time:


Little Notes #6

How I whiled away the hours;
 Drinking: lemon and mint juice // Wearing:  No7 Grace lipstick // Doing: Reading blogs
The best chocolate brownies you'll ever have. Fact-and the recipe will be up soon inshallah!

.1. Recently I stayed up most of the night (till 2 am o.O ) watching a movie *thank God my mum doesn't read this blog* an Indian movie no less- because I'm straight up cultured- (and that's about 3 hours of my life gone.)

Nonetheless- it was called Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and I seriously sympathised with one of the main characters, Bunny ('Like Bugs Bunny' - actual line from said movie), I felt like we were kindred spirits especially when he's explaining how he wants to explore the world etc. and he says I want to fly -that actually struck a chord with me.
The actual movie was alright by the way!

.2. I finally got to meet up with two of my closest friends - Jo and Sajayjay *I'm sick at nicknames* - and the time just flew by on who knows what! These girls just make me happy.

.3. I love discovering blogs/websites I seriously could spend hours reading them!
 I've been reading them and exploring the interwebs for inspiration more often now and I'm really enjoying it!
I think I'll compile a list of some of my favourite ones soon.

Until next time!



Being spoiled by our halaqa (Islamic circle) teacher - yes they tasted as good as they looked:
The Cake Lady

Scout Term Plan meeting- personally think this is the most exciting term for my kids yet.

That feeling when you've accomplished (most) of what you've set out to do and can take a well deserved rest that doesn't fit in the category of procrastination. Good feeling that!

*I still have things to do though-as always*
Until next time!


Sunday thoughts

My life these past days has boiled down to roughly about three to four things.

1. Job searching
2. Procrastinating from said job search by
      a. Painting my nails
      b. Reading, lots and lots of reading.
      c. Eating
      d. Trying different lipsticks
(not always at the same time)
3. More job searching.

Exciting times ensue.
Until next time!


(Another) motley sort of favourites: March

Here's where I collect the bits and bobs that I've been especially loving and serve it up for your perusal!  Now, let's delve right in!

Surprise, surprise! The main makeup here is lip products. Who'd 'av guessed it? It's not like it's all I talk about round these parts eh!

First up we have No.7 BB lips in Belle Pink, a deep pink that gives a wash of colour and is moisturising without being sticky- this is perfect for everyday no fuss 'whack it on' sort of lip colour.
In its heyday in the blogosphere, the No.7 BB lips was likened to the infamous Clarins Lip Perfectors and at a fraction of the price, the BB lips seem better value for money (especially with the Boots No.7 vouchers) - however as I have yet to try the Clarins offering I can't comment on the actual formula differences.

Another lip 'thing' is the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil which I decided to try once upon an Asos Sale *my God I'm a poet* and went for Dragon Girl because little known fact I actually own a dragon *yes they exist* and I really liked the colour- a beautiful velvety matte *it's all in the name kids* red that's a smidgen darker than my favourite lipstick MAC Ruby Woo. The only downside to this- was that it didn't actually last as long as I thought it would- though it did fade away into a stain.

I've been really liking cream blushers lately and one that I keep coming back to is Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Seduce which I discussed at length here.

Unusual for me but I think I've found my holy grail foundation; this coveted spot has been awarded to the BECCA Luminous Skin Colour in Cognac, though it's actually a tinted moisturiser *but let's not get bogged down in mere details*.  It's sheer, light and glowy and best applied with fingers. But applied with a brush I find that it gives more coverage. Also- it has quite a strong scent that isn't too noticeable on le face - it smells exactly like the MAC Makeup remover wipes- I quite like it.

Now, Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeeler Cho of website Oh Joy! is a fantastic comprehensive read for bloggers of all stages. It details how to start a blog from scratch and build it up enough to be able to go full time with it. It has a wealth of knowledge and I really liked the mini interviews with different bloggers.

Last but not least is one of my favourite lipsticks *I seem to have a lot of favourite lipsticks- I am aware* Lo'real Color Riche Star Secrets in 712 Milla Purple (what a mouthful!). It's in the same colour family as MAC Creme in Your Coffee but a tad more pinky - brown. The colour doesn't translate as dark on the lips and lasts quite long on me- it's a little like the MAC Cremesheens. I've bought a back up of it *yep it's my forever guys!* as it was from a past collection methinks. Now the only gripe I have with this is the name- at the moment I'm thinking 'Asmaa's Purple' - but the verdict is still out on that!

Congratulations for getting to the end of this lengthy post! What things have you been liking?
Until next time!


Little Notes #5

...Favourite headscarf...

...The happiest flowers...

.1. Sunshine! Good ol' sunshine! - how I've missed thee!

.2. I've got  'Let it go' from 'Frozen' stuck in my head-  my little sister keeps singing it. I actually quite enjoyed the movie but *cue unwanted opinion* I thought 'Tangled' was better.

.3. I'm finally starting to feel 'inspired' again - about writing and the like - and general life things to be honest. I felt like I was stuck in something of a rut these past weeks and now that I've decided to be proactive  -things are (slowly) starting to look up!

Until next time!