*Yes this is embarrassingly late; though I did write it on the 17th Dec. so I hope that makes it somewhat okay :/

I was part of Rosie's Bloggers Book Swap and was paired with the awesome Eadaoin.

The packages in all their glory-
please ignore the crappy lighting etc. shorter days and all.
Also- in contrast to my shoddy and questionable wrapping skills- everything was so beautifully wrapped!

E sent me the loveliest package that literally made my day- but the funny thing was - our packages were so similar! Down to the brown paper packaging tied up with string (these are few of my favourite things!) the little notes in the books and the extras! I must say though- I am now addicted to Percy Pigs - so thanks E (yes I blame you- not my lack of self control...).
This post was long overdue but I've read Gone Girl now so at least I can report on that- and my oh my it is one hell of a book. I still can't decide if I like the actual story or not but it's so. well. written. It's very gripping and intriguing. There were some aspects of the character development etc. that completely took me by surprise- I won't go into more detail for fear of spoiling the story.

I have yet to read The Shadow of the Wind but am really looking forward to it as it seems like it would be right up my street!

Have you read either of these books? And if you haven't would you?
Until next time!