The Red Lip // MAC Ruby Woo

Yep- another red lip offering on the blog today. This time in the form of the popular Ruby Woo. Unlike Revlon's Cherry Blossom- this is a true red that has a retro matte finish. And when I say matte - I mean ultra matte, drying-the lips need to be prepped before Ruby Woo can be applied. But it's all worth it- it is exactly the kind of red lipstick I associate with Marilyn Monroe. The fact that it is matte makes it look even lovelier!

It's one of those universally flattering colours- anybody can pull it off. I've been pairing it with a simple eye and a clean face and voila - instant class! J
 Let your Ruby self Woo the masses to become susceptible to your charms! Good Lord that was atrocious! My apologies.. 

So what are your thoughts on Ruby Woo? 
Until next time!