Winter Saviors

Hand Cream//Nails Inc.:Victoria//Burt Bees Lip balm//Jumper
Revlon Lip butter: Red Velvet//Maybelline Baby Lips: Cherry//Tissues

Now that the cold is actually a thing- let's discuss some of the things that 'save' me when I'm out and about (with some makeup-y bits for good measure). 
Can we first take a moment to appreciate good ol' tissues? The rare times I actually have them I seriously am glad for them- there's nothing more annoying than when I'm all sniffly with no tissue-gosh that sniffing sound!

Being of the 'dry skin' gang (yep it's a gang...and a cool one at that) my hands get painfully dry sometimes- especially in Winter. Hence, a hand cream is a must-I'm currently using the L'occitane Jasmine Passion  which I'm really liking as it gets the job done and smells fantastic. Another one that's lovely is the Soap and Glory Hand Food- a firm favourite of mine. Lips also get dry and the Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm has been bumped up to that elusive Holy Grail status- yep it's my forever ^_^. It's very moisturising, lasts well and is perfect for sensitive lips. The Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry is rather lovely as well- but is much better for a wash of colour rather than injecting moisture. 

Jumper (as above)//Scarf (old)//Gloves (old)

The colder it gets-the more I start to resemble a two year old all bundled up with layer upon layers of clothes... or a ball. For now though I'm keeping it quite 'simple' with these Accessorize cut-off finger gloves/mittens so I can do things and keep my hands warm but it also has the convenience of the cover thing
 Jumpers..I'm all about the cosy jumpers and fully intend on building up a covetable collection. This particular one is from New Look and is the perfect fit (and colour) for layering without looking bulky. 
scarf (over my actual scarf...clever pun non? *awkward*) is a surefire way to keep the cold away. 

And for makeup (because why not?) Nails Inc. Tate, a purple/wine colour that verges on black, is one of those beautifully cliche colours that simply scream autumn and come with an on trend label (says the ridiculously un-trendy Asmaa). 
Lastly, a swipe of Revlon's Lip Butter: Red Velvet has been accompanying most days. Being a lip butter, the colour is not as bold but there's still some of the deepness of the bricky-red that translates on the lips.

So what are your winter 'saviors' ?
Until next time