The River of No Return // Bee Ridgway: A Review

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*Long books require long rants-you've been warned!*

So I just finished reading The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway- prepare for a 'little' rant.
Before I dive into my thoughts- you can read what The River of No Return is about HERE. *the blurb is much too wordy to put here*

I should start with the fact that I was enthralled by the story. See Ridgway has a very complex, intricate explanation for time travel but she explains it through the characters- throughout the book in easy to digest chunks- though at times I did feel a little overwhelmed due to the sheer detail. But as you read along, Ridgway slowly builds up a picture of events in the past/present/future and how they all interlink- to the point where it seems quite realistic and almost believable.

The actual story of the Guild, the Ofan and their struggle with control over time and the parts of Nick Daventant (mainly) and Julia Percy in the impending battle is what really intrigued me.

There are many 'oh my God! I did not see that coming!' moments and the characters are connected in ways that will come as a surprise which contribute and play a part in the unfolding drama.

But then when it all got really exciting and it reached the 'peak' of said drama- it fell flat...and Ridgway decided to focus on the Nick and Julia story and all that I was anticipating-eagerly might I add-is abruptly brushed aside. I initially thought that Ridgway would go back to it after a few pages of the fluff-rather it carried on an ended on a romantic, eh? kinda note.

Originally I was rooting for Nick and Julia to end up together- but after repeated pages of them just kissing/meaningless muttering/more kissing/more physical stuff which I soon started skipping over- several times.
 Simply because 1. There was too much unnecessary detail and 2. It was quite apparent that they were going to end up together at this point- so who really cares about them anymore? Personally I was much more interested by the back story of the Guild/Ofan etc. and the time travel problems that arose. 

I wasn't even that taken by their 'love' story. More specifically Nick had an infatuation with Julia and her ''dark eyes'' when he was younger which is then returned (when he..err..returns to 1815) by the *very* sheltered, innocent but oh so strong willed and feisty Julia. Who by the way is actually of not much use to anybody- even if she does carry a powerful secret. 

To be honest-I wasn't bothered by all the above- I was too busy piecing the different parts of the puzzle to have more than a passing interest in their happiness. I should really know better- the book is 'a tale of two lovers' I just lulled myself into a false sense of security because Ridgway seems to have put so much effort in the brilliant back story for me to think that it was the main focus. 

There's apparently a sequel which I found out online-even though I read that hefty book cover to cover and there was not even a whisper of a second one-the story didn't end on a cliff hanger- it just felt like some pages were missing towards the end.

Will I read the sequel? I highly doubt it- since I got really emotionally invested in the book and it all came to nothing.

Should you read it? Completely up to you- mind I liked the concept/Ridgway's writing/heck even the Nick and Julia story to an extent- it was just the ending that was such a letdown for me. 

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