The Book Lover Survey.

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This awesome tag is the brain child of Jennie and you can read hers here.
Without much further adieu let's get into it!

01. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?

Oddly enough I can't actually remember- what I do remember is- ever since I was little I used to love stories, of any kind. We used to badger my parents/uncles/anyone who came round- to tell us one. We'd sit quietly listening mesmerised by my mum's stories about her childhood in Somalia, folklore from around the world and my dad and his older brother specialised in hilarious Somali fables that I still know now. We were actively encouraged to read by my parents as well-I don't think I can remember a time were my mum didn't read to us or there weren't any books for us. I think that part of my love for reading was probably born out of that.

02. Where do you usually read?

Anywhere I can curl up all cosy-like really! Where I won't get disturbed- nothing worse than someone trying to talk to me whilst I'm in a different world!

03. Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several at once? 

Normally it's one book at a time- because if I'm enjoying it- I want to soak it all up and find out what happens. But recently I've noticed I've been putting books 'on pause' - even if it's a really good book!

04. What is your favourite genre?

I don't actually have a specific genre that I stick to to be honest- anything that strikes me as interesting I'll read. I've been know to read kids books under the guise of 'this is for my little sister'.

05. Is there a genre you will not read?

Not particularly no. Though I just don't tend to gravitate towards horror/sci-fi/ real life traumatic stories-but I've read some fantastic books from each 'genre'. I usually judge a book by it's cover (ha! that's what it's there for ^_^) and the blurb- regardless of genre etc.

06. Do you have a favourite book?

Too many to list! I've read so, so many good books! Some of them include: 
Little women//Goodnight Mister Tom//Heidi//Around the world in 80 days//Pride and Prejudice//I got your number (or anything by Sophie Kinsella//Anthony Horowitz books//The Alchemist// Child 44// Blood Red, Snow White//Harry Potter//The Hunger Games//A Hundred and One Days-A Baghdad Journal//Book of a Thousand days//The Help//Notes from a Small Island and so much more! Though I got carried away here!

07. What is your least favourite book?

Like Jennie I'd have to go with Wuthering Heights. Gosh that book I have a special dislike for! I had to study it in my English A-levels and till now I still don't see the appeal of Heathcliff or why this is seen as a classic!
Another is The Devil wears Prada from what I remember- we had to read this and The Time Traveler's Wife  in book club - the story I found okay- it was just that there was so much unnecessary detail that just bogged down the entire story. The Twilight series gets an honorable mention for being in plain and in no uncertain words; s***!

08. What is the longest book you've ever read?

Ever since I was little-when we used to go to the library- I always went for the longest and fattest books - under the impression that it would last me for some time (it rarely did)! The most recent, sort of long one is Lord of the Rings *which I technically haven't finished-but am almost there*. 

09. What was the last book you bought?

It was actually several: The Registrars manual for detecting forced marriages (Sophie Hardach), Skarlet (Thomas Emson) and the last one I can't remember the title since my friend has borrowed it.

10. Do you prefer library books or buying books?

See I'm in a bit of a dilemma over this one so I'm going to go with both. Let me explain, we used to live next to the central library and we'd go there very often so I've grown up with going to the library. Plus, I love reading well thumbed books- the *very small* romantic part of me likes the idea that other people (hopefully) enjoyed and read the story. Yet I love brand new books and want to have a library akin to Elinor's one in Inkheart and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast!

11. What are you currently reading?

The first book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy which my friend foisted on me- though I should point out I'm really loving it so far.

                              This was such a fun post to do! I would love to see what your answers were!
Until next time!