A motley sort of October favourites

Lady Million perfume//Naked Palette//
MAC Creme in your coffee lipstick//H&M Rings// L'occitane hand cream//
Well hello November and hello an on time favourites (unusual around here)! The main stand out product that received a lotta 'love' this month was the Naked Palette, which I gushed about here.

Paco Rabanne's Lady Million perfume is another long standing favourite- be warned I fail at describing perfumes but I find this to be a grown up, classy and slightly spicy scent. This is perfect for evenings and smells autumnal almost.

MAC Creme in your coffee this lipstick which I bought from a blog sale, is the perfect 'is she wearing lipstick?' colour and you can read my thoughts on it here.

Another one that recently wormed its way into my heart is L'occitane's Jasmine Passion hand cream which came with last month's Marie Claire. I picked it up on a whim simply because of its following in the blogosphere and it lives up to all the expectations. The main thing that comes to mind when I use it is luxurious- it's moisturising without being greasy and lasts well. Though the light, clean, yet heavily floral fragrance is still growing on me (ashamed to say I bought this particular scent based on the packaging alone!).

Lastly, I've been wearing the H&M Gold rings (that were a whopping 11 rings in one pack-which was distributed among the female members of the family quite comfortably!) to death! Layering a thin one with a slightly thicker one has been my favourite way to wear them.

 Ta ta for now!