#4 End of the week thoughts

*as always it's late- but we'll pretend that it's fashionably late- see what I did there? Ha- bloody ha :P*

The week flew by again but I put it down to 'recovering' from the Weekend Retreat. The main highlights were meeting up with friends and all. One has to be the Scouts sisters meal - which was a night us Scout leaders could see each other (properly) and catch up- it was the loveliest evening- and we each got a 'keep calm' and keep scouting mug with.. wait for it...our names. Yep *my name was on my mug* Gah! clearly I'm easily amused- but it's my name guys!.

Another of the week's highlights was when one of my friends decided to come down from High Wycombe hey fusilli..and sajayjay...and jo :P and we whiled the day away on happy things ^_^...and cake. Lots of cake.

I honestly think nothing beats catching up with friends- it's one of life's little pleasures eh! Alhamdulilah (praise be to God). Hark at me-being all emotional like! Moving on!

Book of the weekThe River of no Return // Bee Ridgeway
I actually did a lengthy (and when I say lengthy I mean long!) post on this - which you can have a gander at HERE. But in a nutshell- I like the back story- think there's too much emphasis on Nick and Julia's *very* physical relationship and was very disappointed by the lack-lustre ending. Other than that- it was shaping up to be a fantastic book.

So what was your week like? Any book recommendations? 
Until next time!