#3 'Little' Notes (Update)

Lonely times in Costa means more productivity...

1. I've been recovering from the weekend (stop what you're thinking- I'm Muslim ¬.¬) Right Foot First or RFF
(a charity youth organisation I volunteer with click here to find out more) were asked to perform at the Global Peace and Unity Event held at the Excel in London. For those that aren't in the know- GPU is a Big Deal- (find out more HERE) and in the two days over 50,000 people attend. Like I said Big. Deal. That's where my weekend was spent- travelling/rehearsal/ performing etc. Hence I've been to busy to actually attend to this 'ere blog. However- I'll talk more about this (and our performance etc. in an upcoming End of the Week post - yep late as usual *shameful*.) Update: read it HERE)

2. I got a job! Alhamdulilah (praise be to God) at Waterstones- awesome right! *also another reason why I was too busy to write* Too bad the actual job doesn't involve much reading but hey I'm really enjoying it so far! Everyone is so lovely, accommodating and plain cool! Though I'm still getting to grips with learning the ropes (there's so much to learn :/ ) thankfully everyone is really helpful!

That's all for now!
So what have you been up to?
Until next time!