#3 End of the week thoughts: Of Islam

The weekend was spent at another camp, though unlike the Scouts camp this was more of a retreat aimed at educating us about Islam. It was so inspiring and just reminded me of how all encompassing and comprehensive Islam is and why I truly, truly love being a Muslim. Another thing was that I fully acknowledge and know that Allah (God) is all Powerful, The Most Merciful, The All Knowing
(sidenote- Allah has 99 names and each name also indexes a characteristic of God i.e.  الجليل:The Majestic).

But the classes brought home a slightly further understanding and a little inkling of how powerful, eternal and unrestrained by time and space Allah is. The human mind just cannot comprehend it.
Another thing I loved was the people I got to meet and 'bond' with- and the hilarity of 'scary' stories in a pitch black room full of girls.Very entertaining!

On different note- we got back and I promptly caught a cold which I've been nursing for the past few days now and sadly seems to be steadily getting worse. Due to said cold methinks there's been some inactivity around here but not to fear my non-existent reader I'll get back on it inshallah (God-willing)!

Until next time!