#3 'Little' Notes (Update)

Lonely times in Costa means more productivity...

1. I've been recovering from the weekend (stop what you're thinking- I'm Muslim ¬.¬) Right Foot First or RFF
(a charity youth organisation I volunteer with click here to find out more) were asked to perform at the Global Peace and Unity Event held at the Excel in London. For those that aren't in the know- GPU is a Big Deal- (find out more HERE) and in the two days over 50,000 people attend. Like I said Big. Deal. That's where my weekend was spent- travelling/rehearsal/ performing etc. Hence I've been to busy to actually attend to this 'ere blog. However- I'll talk more about this (and our performance etc. in an upcoming End of the Week post - yep late as usual *shameful*.) Update: read it HERE)

2. I got a job! Alhamdulilah (praise be to God) at Waterstones- awesome right! *also another reason why I was too busy to write* Too bad the actual job doesn't involve much reading but hey I'm really enjoying it so far! Everyone is so lovely, accommodating and plain cool! Though I'm still getting to grips with learning the ropes (there's so much to learn :/ ) thankfully everyone is really helpful!

That's all for now!
So what have you been up to?
Until next time!


Autumnal Hues// Revlon lipstick: Cherry Blossom and Barry M polish: Raspberry

Revlon SuperLustrous Lipstick: Cherry Blossom // Barry M Nail paint: Raspberry 
Methinks nothing is classier than a red lip and what's more elegant than (almost) matching your nails and lips à la the 1950s?
I've decided to keep it a little interesting by going for slightly different hues of the same colour. For the lips- a favourite of mine is Revlon's Cherry Blossom- a beautiful warm red with pink undertones and a bit of  a sheen. It lasts absolutely ages- fading to a pretty stain. This I paired with the dark red-almost purple Raspberry by Barry M- a little note about this- it chips like a *insert appropriate insult* .

Now to swoon around the house all smoky and sultry like an actress of 'the pictures'.

Until next time,


Winter Saviors

Hand Cream//Nails Inc.:Victoria//Burt Bees Lip balm//Jumper
Revlon Lip butter: Red Velvet//Maybelline Baby Lips: Cherry//Tissues

Now that the cold is actually a thing- let's discuss some of the things that 'save' me when I'm out and about (with some makeup-y bits for good measure). 
Can we first take a moment to appreciate good ol' tissues? The rare times I actually have them I seriously am glad for them- there's nothing more annoying than when I'm all sniffly with no tissue-gosh that sniffing sound!

Being of the 'dry skin' gang (yep it's a gang...and a cool one at that) my hands get painfully dry sometimes- especially in Winter. Hence, a hand cream is a must-I'm currently using the L'occitane Jasmine Passion  which I'm really liking as it gets the job done and smells fantastic. Another one that's lovely is the Soap and Glory Hand Food- a firm favourite of mine. Lips also get dry and the Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm has been bumped up to that elusive Holy Grail status- yep it's my forever ^_^. It's very moisturising, lasts well and is perfect for sensitive lips. The Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry is rather lovely as well- but is much better for a wash of colour rather than injecting moisture. 

Jumper (as above)//Scarf (old)//Gloves (old)

The colder it gets-the more I start to resemble a two year old all bundled up with layer upon layers of clothes... or a ball. For now though I'm keeping it quite 'simple' with these Accessorize cut-off finger gloves/mittens so I can do things and keep my hands warm but it also has the convenience of the cover thing
 Jumpers..I'm all about the cosy jumpers and fully intend on building up a covetable collection. This particular one is from New Look and is the perfect fit (and colour) for layering without looking bulky. 
scarf (over my actual scarf...clever pun non? *awkward*) is a surefire way to keep the cold away. 

And for makeup (because why not?) Nails Inc. Tate, a purple/wine colour that verges on black, is one of those beautifully cliche colours that simply scream autumn and come with an on trend label (says the ridiculously un-trendy Asmaa). 
Lastly, a swipe of Revlon's Lip Butter: Red Velvet has been accompanying most days. Being a lip butter, the colour is not as bold but there's still some of the deepness of the bricky-red that translates on the lips.

So what are your winter 'saviors' ?
Until next time


#4 End of the week thoughts

*as always it's late- but we'll pretend that it's fashionably late- see what I did there? Ha- bloody ha :P*

The week flew by again but I put it down to 'recovering' from the Weekend Retreat. The main highlights were meeting up with friends and all. One has to be the Scouts sisters meal - which was a night us Scout leaders could see each other (properly) and catch up- it was the loveliest evening- and we each got a 'keep calm' and keep scouting mug with.. wait for it...our names. Yep *my name was on my mug* Gah! clearly I'm easily amused- but it's my name guys!.

Another of the week's highlights was when one of my friends decided to come down from High Wycombe hey fusilli..and sajayjay...and jo :P and we whiled the day away on happy things ^_^...and cake. Lots of cake.

I honestly think nothing beats catching up with friends- it's one of life's little pleasures eh! Alhamdulilah (praise be to God). Hark at me-being all emotional like! Moving on!

Book of the weekThe River of no Return // Bee Ridgeway
I actually did a lengthy (and when I say lengthy I mean long!) post on this - which you can have a gander at HERE. But in a nutshell- I like the back story- think there's too much emphasis on Nick and Julia's *very* physical relationship and was very disappointed by the lack-lustre ending. Other than that- it was shaping up to be a fantastic book.

So what was your week like? Any book recommendations? 
Until next time!


The River of No Return // Bee Ridgway: A Review

You can buy it here

*Long books require long rants-you've been warned!*

So I just finished reading The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway- prepare for a 'little' rant.
Before I dive into my thoughts- you can read what The River of No Return is about HERE. *the blurb is much too wordy to put here*

I should start with the fact that I was enthralled by the story. See Ridgway has a very complex, intricate explanation for time travel but she explains it through the characters- throughout the book in easy to digest chunks- though at times I did feel a little overwhelmed due to the sheer detail. But as you read along, Ridgway slowly builds up a picture of events in the past/present/future and how they all interlink- to the point where it seems quite realistic and almost believable.

The actual story of the Guild, the Ofan and their struggle with control over time and the parts of Nick Daventant (mainly) and Julia Percy in the impending battle is what really intrigued me.

There are many 'oh my God! I did not see that coming!' moments and the characters are connected in ways that will come as a surprise which contribute and play a part in the unfolding drama.

But then when it all got really exciting and it reached the 'peak' of said drama- it fell flat...and Ridgway decided to focus on the Nick and Julia story and all that I was anticipating-eagerly might I add-is abruptly brushed aside. I initially thought that Ridgway would go back to it after a few pages of the fluff-rather it carried on an ended on a romantic, eh? kinda note.

Originally I was rooting for Nick and Julia to end up together- but after repeated pages of them just kissing/meaningless muttering/more kissing/more physical stuff which I soon started skipping over- several times.
 Simply because 1. There was too much unnecessary detail and 2. It was quite apparent that they were going to end up together at this point- so who really cares about them anymore? Personally I was much more interested by the back story of the Guild/Ofan etc. and the time travel problems that arose. 

I wasn't even that taken by their 'love' story. More specifically Nick had an infatuation with Julia and her ''dark eyes'' when he was younger which is then returned (when he..err..returns to 1815) by the *very* sheltered, innocent but oh so strong willed and feisty Julia. Who by the way is actually of not much use to anybody- even if she does carry a powerful secret. 

To be honest-I wasn't bothered by all the above- I was too busy piecing the different parts of the puzzle to have more than a passing interest in their happiness. I should really know better- the book is 'a tale of two lovers' I just lulled myself into a false sense of security because Ridgway seems to have put so much effort in the brilliant back story for me to think that it was the main focus. 

There's apparently a sequel which I found out online-even though I read that hefty book cover to cover and there was not even a whisper of a second one-the story didn't end on a cliff hanger- it just felt like some pages were missing towards the end.

Will I read the sequel? I highly doubt it- since I got really emotionally invested in the book and it all came to nothing.

Should you read it? Completely up to you- mind I liked the concept/Ridgway's writing/heck even the Nick and Julia story to an extent- it was just the ending that was such a letdown for me. 

Until next time,


MAC Lustering: A review

MAC Lustering//£15 // it's a lot less purple-y in real life!

So as the cold season is well and truly upon us and the plum berry tones are out in full force, I thought I would go for a something of a summery colour. See my face can look very dull- and for those days I need more than a mere MLBB (my lips but better) like MAC Creme in your Coffee (which has seen a lot of action round here- even ending up in my Oct. favourites.)
That's where MAC Lustering comes in. It's the perfect pink for my skin tone. Now being of a 'darker' colour most pinks pull purple on me or worse look garish, but MAC Lustering is a beautiful warm darkish pink with red undertones. It adds some colour to my face and being of a Lustre finish (sheer and has a sheen) it doesn't come out as bright on the lips- rather it is a very wearable colour that can definitely be built up.

Do you have a favourite 'brightening' lipstick for those dull days?

Until next time!

#3 End of the week thoughts: Of Islam

The weekend was spent at another camp, though unlike the Scouts camp this was more of a retreat aimed at educating us about Islam. It was so inspiring and just reminded me of how all encompassing and comprehensive Islam is and why I truly, truly love being a Muslim. Another thing was that I fully acknowledge and know that Allah (God) is all Powerful, The Most Merciful, The All Knowing
(sidenote- Allah has 99 names and each name also indexes a characteristic of God i.e.  الجليل:The Majestic).

But the classes brought home a slightly further understanding and a little inkling of how powerful, eternal and unrestrained by time and space Allah is. The human mind just cannot comprehend it.
Another thing I loved was the people I got to meet and 'bond' with- and the hilarity of 'scary' stories in a pitch black room full of girls.Very entertaining!

On different note- we got back and I promptly caught a cold which I've been nursing for the past few days now and sadly seems to be steadily getting worse. Due to said cold methinks there's been some inactivity around here but not to fear my non-existent reader I'll get back on it inshallah (God-willing)!

Until next time!


Mundane Little Things That Amuse Me

*when I'm exceptionally bored*

01. Over taking people when walking: I especially like it when someone else is trying to overtake me- then I will turn it into a race (which being long legged I tend to win)- though sometimes I have to concede the 'title' and admit defeat by slowing down.

02. When I throw something into the bin from a distance and it actually goes in *congratulates self*

03. Getting the lyrics right when singing along to a new song.

04.  A little girl who was imitating her dad and them coughing in unison

05. Making Somali tea for a group of people and having everything ready before the kettle boils.

06. This

The Book Lover Survey.

Source: Weheartit
This awesome tag is the brain child of Jennie and you can read hers here.
Without much further adieu let's get into it!

01. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?

Oddly enough I can't actually remember- what I do remember is- ever since I was little I used to love stories, of any kind. We used to badger my parents/uncles/anyone who came round- to tell us one. We'd sit quietly listening mesmerised by my mum's stories about her childhood in Somalia, folklore from around the world and my dad and his older brother specialised in hilarious Somali fables that I still know now. We were actively encouraged to read by my parents as well-I don't think I can remember a time were my mum didn't read to us or there weren't any books for us. I think that part of my love for reading was probably born out of that.

02. Where do you usually read?

Anywhere I can curl up all cosy-like really! Where I won't get disturbed- nothing worse than someone trying to talk to me whilst I'm in a different world!

03. Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several at once? 

Normally it's one book at a time- because if I'm enjoying it- I want to soak it all up and find out what happens. But recently I've noticed I've been putting books 'on pause' - even if it's a really good book!

04. What is your favourite genre?

I don't actually have a specific genre that I stick to to be honest- anything that strikes me as interesting I'll read. I've been know to read kids books under the guise of 'this is for my little sister'.

05. Is there a genre you will not read?

Not particularly no. Though I just don't tend to gravitate towards horror/sci-fi/ real life traumatic stories-but I've read some fantastic books from each 'genre'. I usually judge a book by it's cover (ha! that's what it's there for ^_^) and the blurb- regardless of genre etc.

06. Do you have a favourite book?

Too many to list! I've read so, so many good books! Some of them include: 
Little women//Goodnight Mister Tom//Heidi//Around the world in 80 days//Pride and Prejudice//I got your number (or anything by Sophie Kinsella//Anthony Horowitz books//The Alchemist// Child 44// Blood Red, Snow White//Harry Potter//The Hunger Games//A Hundred and One Days-A Baghdad Journal//Book of a Thousand days//The Help//Notes from a Small Island and so much more! Though I got carried away here!

07. What is your least favourite book?

Like Jennie I'd have to go with Wuthering Heights. Gosh that book I have a special dislike for! I had to study it in my English A-levels and till now I still don't see the appeal of Heathcliff or why this is seen as a classic!
Another is The Devil wears Prada from what I remember- we had to read this and The Time Traveler's Wife  in book club - the story I found okay- it was just that there was so much unnecessary detail that just bogged down the entire story. The Twilight series gets an honorable mention for being in plain and in no uncertain words; s***!

08. What is the longest book you've ever read?

Ever since I was little-when we used to go to the library- I always went for the longest and fattest books - under the impression that it would last me for some time (it rarely did)! The most recent, sort of long one is Lord of the Rings *which I technically haven't finished-but am almost there*. 

09. What was the last book you bought?

It was actually several: The Registrars manual for detecting forced marriages (Sophie Hardach), Skarlet (Thomas Emson) and the last one I can't remember the title since my friend has borrowed it.

10. Do you prefer library books or buying books?

See I'm in a bit of a dilemma over this one so I'm going to go with both. Let me explain, we used to live next to the central library and we'd go there very often so I've grown up with going to the library. Plus, I love reading well thumbed books- the *very small* romantic part of me likes the idea that other people (hopefully) enjoyed and read the story. Yet I love brand new books and want to have a library akin to Elinor's one in Inkheart and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast!

11. What are you currently reading?

The first book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy which my friend foisted on me- though I should point out I'm really loving it so far.

                              This was such a fun post to do! I would love to see what your answers were!
Until next time!


A motley sort of October favourites

Lady Million perfume//Naked Palette//
MAC Creme in your coffee lipstick//H&M Rings// L'occitane hand cream//
Well hello November and hello an on time favourites (unusual around here)! The main stand out product that received a lotta 'love' this month was the Naked Palette, which I gushed about here.

Paco Rabanne's Lady Million perfume is another long standing favourite- be warned I fail at describing perfumes but I find this to be a grown up, classy and slightly spicy scent. This is perfect for evenings and smells autumnal almost.

MAC Creme in your coffee this lipstick which I bought from a blog sale, is the perfect 'is she wearing lipstick?' colour and you can read my thoughts on it here.

Another one that recently wormed its way into my heart is L'occitane's Jasmine Passion hand cream which came with last month's Marie Claire. I picked it up on a whim simply because of its following in the blogosphere and it lives up to all the expectations. The main thing that comes to mind when I use it is luxurious- it's moisturising without being greasy and lasts well. Though the light, clean, yet heavily floral fragrance is still growing on me (ashamed to say I bought this particular scent based on the packaging alone!).

Lastly, I've been wearing the H&M Gold rings (that were a whopping 11 rings in one pack-which was distributed among the female members of the family quite comfortably!) to death! Layering a thin one with a slightly thicker one has been my favourite way to wear them.

 Ta ta for now!