Essie Fear or Desire: A review

Essie Fear or Desire/Rings: H&M// Watch: River Island
Stepping away from the typically autumnal shades like berries and plums, this blindingly bright Summer colour has been gracing my nails in an attempt to inject some light into the grey and rainy (oh so rainy) day.

Essie Fear or Desire is bright, neon almost and exactly my kind of colour. It is from the Bikini so Teeny collection yonks ago and was limited edition. But I picked this up from Fragrance Direct (home of all discontinued makeup apparently) months ago for a mere £1.99- bloody awesome eh! Especially considering the normal £7.99  price tag! Needless to say I was all kinds of excited when I saw it on there.(and no this is not sponsored etc. come on who reads this blog?) 

Anyway- the formula is fantastic especially for a fidgety person like myself as it dries very fast. I used two coats to get the full opacity and get the full colour in all its neon glory. The only thing I can't mention is whether it chips and the longevity as I haven't worn it long enough to comment on that- though I will report back!

                                                      Ta ta for now