An ode to the Naked Palette

Favourite colours: Smog//Toasted//Hustle

Least favourite: From Virgin to Buck (tragic isn't it)
Now, I'm sure you know the 'hype' that surrounded this product in it's heyday but being the kind of person that's always skeptical about things that are gushed about I didn't expect much of it back when I got it last year.

However, it's a completely different story now. Coming back from a wedding and going through the whole cleansing rigmarole, it struck me how much I really loved this palette. You see, I have really oily lids and combined with heavy dancing (Arabs know how to 'get down' I did it to fit in...)- my eye makeup generally tends to make a bid for freedom and slide right off. These Urban Decay shadows are made off stronger stuff thought- they actually lasted the entire night, and that's without any primer or base of any kind!

Smog, Toasted and Hustle have been the only eye shadows that I've been using all the time without a glance at all the other palettes/shadows I own. They're buttery soft and highly pigmented with little to no fall out across board.

But my only gripe with this is the colour selection as half the palette theoretically is of no use to me and my dark self and the only times I use Virgin, Sin etc. is on other people. In numbers that's 5 out of 12 shadows that I don't use (on myself that is) and for a £35+ palette that is a lot (and no I did not spend that much on eye shadows, I wish I had that kind of money-it was a gift). It is one of the reasons why I wouldn't repurchase it- however much I love the packaging and all!
If only there was a palette with just Smog, Toasted and Hustle, even the dark, grey blues; Creep and Gunmetal!

                                                  Ta ta for now