#2 End of the week thoughts

*That aren't at the end of the week*

Reading//Impromptu lunch date//waiting...waiting..waiting
I have a very good reason for not posting this on the weekend - I went to an awesome Scouts Training camp and now I'm almost a fully fledged Scout Leader!

So this (last) week was spent between different train stations, editing/proof reading my friend's masters with her and last minute packing for the camp. Now let's move on to the best part of last week- the camp!

Location//I am a Muslim I am a Scout// Camp fire on a rainy day

As part of the Adult Scout leader training, there are several modules that are required which you can do either online or at a camp. Of course we chose the latter because everything is more fun with people-at a camp.
It was quite honestly three fantastic days at the Linnet Clough Scout camp site. There were folks from all over England and I think one of the main highlights was getting to know some awesome people. Even the actual learning was fun- even if it was a little long sometimes-the instructors were just...awesome. We also did outdoor activities, team building and games which were really fun and I intend to use for our Scouts group.
 I can go on and on about the things we did and use 'awesome' a lot more so we'll move right on!

Book of the week: After my Tolkien obsessed friend recommended this, and by recommended I mean steered every conversation towards Lord of the Rings and waxed lyrical about how 'brilliant' (see what I did there Jo?) it is- I was persuaded (forced) to read it. I don't know why it took me so long to read it - okay I lie- I avoided it because it didn't seem like my sort of book. Boy was I wrong!

It is exactly my kind of book-well so far as I'm still reading the first one! It's 'brilliant' and fantastically gripping, Tolkien succeeds in transporting you to his world whilst seamlessly weaving a captivating tale. Quite frankly I don't think I can do the book justice but I'm hoping it doesn't let me down since I haven't even finished it yet!

                                                                     Ta ta for now!