#1 Little notes

1. I found a book that I read several times years and years ago and it made me think about how some books catch and hold little pieces of your life and when you open them again years later it's like you're revisiting your past. Much like associating a song with a particular time or event eh?

2. On the topic of books- I have too many (shock, horror). See I have very few philosophies in life- such as ice cream is not just for summer/ there's no such thing as too many books- so it pains me to admit this but I simply don't know where to put them all in my small room! Thought this doesn't mean I intend to get rid of them- it's just shall we say...an observation.

An old picture with some of my favourite things
Company magazine//Essie polish// Revlon lipstick
3. I'm such a nostalgic kind of person- simply buying crisps that I used to have when I was younger (Transformers if you were wondering) takes me back to my childhood and just makes me smile. 

4. The Cosby Show has been taking most of my time- yes it's old but so awesome! It's so warm and funny (oh so, so delightfully funny!) I love it!