#1 End of the week thoughts

Right now: Eating fragrant rice with yogurt- which my mum bless her heart made for my stomach ache-didn't think it would taste nice but my god is it delicious! 

This week flew by! Most of it was spent running around for work and all! The highlight of it though was Thursday when we had a get together at a friend's new house who had recently gotten married (what a mouthful!). We regularly used to meet up once a week to learn about Islam but to also catch up and discuss anything and everything. I didn't realise how much I missed it all to be honest!

Book of the week: A Pocketfull of rye by Agatha Christie: Now normally whenever I read mysteries, I rarely bother guessing who the murderer etc. is- since- you know- the author will tell me anyway. But with this fantastic novel- I couldn't help getting very into the whole case to the point where I was so sure that I knew 'whodunit' that I announced it proudly to the room (occupants: Mum, sisters: all nod then go back whatever they were doing). Except Christie decides to drop a twist few pages to the end.

New in: Revlon Super lustrous lip glosses in Super Natural and Berry Allure: Sneaky ol' Boots what with their buy 1 get 1 half price and vouchers they oh so kindly sent me (the Advantage Card ones-nope I'm not that special), how can I resist buying things I don't need eh? Those things in question being *more* Revlon lip glosses because...why not. So far I've been very attached to Super Natural, (the pinky shade) as it is, well, rather natural. I'll hopefully pop up a quick review with swatches and all sometime during the week Inshallah (God willing).

Ta ta for now!