#2 Little notes

/1/ Storm? What storm? *thank God*

/2/ So many books so little time- I have so many half read books lying around- all very gripping but I can't seem to stop myself from flitting from book to book.

/3/ I've accepted the fact that I'm quite cynical, I cannot stand cheesy quotes/pictures- my facebook feed used to be filled with them- till I just removed friends who I much prefer talking to in real life than their 'online personas'.

/4/ Also, I think I 'get' Twitter (part of the 'in crowd' now woop woop)

Until next time

Is it possible to be all of these?

Source (Awesome, awesome blog!)


Aisha, 13 yrs old

A Swiss roll of sorts

Cake pops 

Finally...an 'experiment' that hasn't ended in disaster, my little sister is becoming quite the culinary master!


An ode to the Naked Palette

Favourite colours: Smog//Toasted//Hustle

Least favourite: From Virgin to Buck (tragic isn't it)
Now, I'm sure you know the 'hype' that surrounded this product in it's heyday but being the kind of person that's always skeptical about things that are gushed about I didn't expect much of it back when I got it last year.

However, it's a completely different story now. Coming back from a wedding and going through the whole cleansing rigmarole, it struck me how much I really loved this palette. You see, I have really oily lids and combined with heavy dancing (Arabs know how to 'get down' I did it to fit in...)- my eye makeup generally tends to make a bid for freedom and slide right off. These Urban Decay shadows are made off stronger stuff thought- they actually lasted the entire night, and that's without any primer or base of any kind!

Smog, Toasted and Hustle have been the only eye shadows that I've been using all the time without a glance at all the other palettes/shadows I own. They're buttery soft and highly pigmented with little to no fall out across board.

But my only gripe with this is the colour selection as half the palette theoretically is of no use to me and my dark self and the only times I use Virgin, Sin etc. is on other people. In numbers that's 5 out of 12 shadows that I don't use (on myself that is) and for a £35+ palette that is a lot (and no I did not spend that much on eye shadows, I wish I had that kind of money-it was a gift). It is one of the reasons why I wouldn't repurchase it- however much I love the packaging and all!
If only there was a palette with just Smog, Toasted and Hustle, even the dark, grey blues; Creep and Gunmetal!

                                                  Ta ta for now


MAC Creme in Your Coffee: A review

Let's take a moment to appreciate this beauty (looking past the mediocre picture quality of course). Mac's Creme In Your Coffee is a brown toned purple/pink that pulls more purple-ly on my pigmented lips. Yet it's a very 'MLBB' (that's 'my lips but better' for those who aren't in the know *cool kid shrug*) that is neutral enough for every day.

It's a Cremesheen and believe me it's all in the name- it's creamy with a slight sheen and has a decent colour payoff. Methinks it's one of those lipsticks that look good on a plethora of skin tones and would look different on different people.
Being a chatty person (who also eats a lot) lip products don't last very long on me and this is no different faring 1-2 hours without requiring a touch up.

Quite frankly I haven't had it for long and I'm already blogging about it- that's true love that is!

                                                       Ta-ta for now!


Essie Fear or Desire: A review

Essie Fear or Desire/Rings: H&M// Watch: River Island
Stepping away from the typically autumnal shades like berries and plums, this blindingly bright Summer colour has been gracing my nails in an attempt to inject some light into the grey and rainy (oh so rainy) day.

Essie Fear or Desire is bright, neon almost and exactly my kind of colour. It is from the Bikini so Teeny collection yonks ago and was limited edition. But I picked this up from Fragrance Direct (home of all discontinued makeup apparently) months ago for a mere £1.99- bloody awesome eh! Especially considering the normal £7.99  price tag! Needless to say I was all kinds of excited when I saw it on there.(and no this is not sponsored etc. come on who reads this blog?) 

Anyway- the formula is fantastic especially for a fidgety person like myself as it dries very fast. I used two coats to get the full opacity and get the full colour in all its neon glory. The only thing I can't mention is whether it chips and the longevity as I haven't worn it long enough to comment on that- though I will report back!

                                                      Ta ta for now


#2 End of the week thoughts

*That aren't at the end of the week*

Reading//Impromptu lunch date//waiting...waiting..waiting
I have a very good reason for not posting this on the weekend - I went to an awesome Scouts Training camp and now I'm almost a fully fledged Scout Leader!

So this (last) week was spent between different train stations, editing/proof reading my friend's masters with her and last minute packing for the camp. Now let's move on to the best part of last week- the camp!

Location//I am a Muslim I am a Scout// Camp fire on a rainy day

As part of the Adult Scout leader training, there are several modules that are required which you can do either online or at a camp. Of course we chose the latter because everything is more fun with people-at a camp.
It was quite honestly three fantastic days at the Linnet Clough Scout camp site. There were folks from all over England and I think one of the main highlights was getting to know some awesome people. Even the actual learning was fun- even if it was a little long sometimes-the instructors were just...awesome. We also did outdoor activities, team building and games which were really fun and I intend to use for our Scouts group.
 I can go on and on about the things we did and use 'awesome' a lot more so we'll move right on!

Book of the week: After my Tolkien obsessed friend recommended this, and by recommended I mean steered every conversation towards Lord of the Rings and waxed lyrical about how 'brilliant' (see what I did there Jo?) it is- I was persuaded (forced) to read it. I don't know why it took me so long to read it - okay I lie- I avoided it because it didn't seem like my sort of book. Boy was I wrong!

It is exactly my kind of book-well so far as I'm still reading the first one! It's 'brilliant' and fantastically gripping, Tolkien succeeds in transporting you to his world whilst seamlessly weaving a captivating tale. Quite frankly I don't think I can do the book justice but I'm hoping it doesn't let me down since I haven't even finished it yet!

                                                                     Ta ta for now!


#1 End of the week thoughts

Right now: Eating fragrant rice with yogurt- which my mum bless her heart made for my stomach ache-didn't think it would taste nice but my god is it delicious! 

This week flew by! Most of it was spent running around for work and all! The highlight of it though was Thursday when we had a get together at a friend's new house who had recently gotten married (what a mouthful!). We regularly used to meet up once a week to learn about Islam but to also catch up and discuss anything and everything. I didn't realise how much I missed it all to be honest!

Book of the week: A Pocketfull of rye by Agatha Christie: Now normally whenever I read mysteries, I rarely bother guessing who the murderer etc. is- since- you know- the author will tell me anyway. But with this fantastic novel- I couldn't help getting very into the whole case to the point where I was so sure that I knew 'whodunit' that I announced it proudly to the room (occupants: Mum, sisters: all nod then go back whatever they were doing). Except Christie decides to drop a twist few pages to the end.

New in: Revlon Super lustrous lip glosses in Super Natural and Berry Allure: Sneaky ol' Boots what with their buy 1 get 1 half price and vouchers they oh so kindly sent me (the Advantage Card ones-nope I'm not that special), how can I resist buying things I don't need eh? Those things in question being *more* Revlon lip glosses because...why not. So far I've been very attached to Super Natural, (the pinky shade) as it is, well, rather natural. I'll hopefully pop up a quick review with swatches and all sometime during the week Inshallah (God willing).

Ta ta for now!


#1 Little notes

1. I found a book that I read several times years and years ago and it made me think about how some books catch and hold little pieces of your life and when you open them again years later it's like you're revisiting your past. Much like associating a song with a particular time or event eh?

2. On the topic of books- I have too many (shock, horror). See I have very few philosophies in life- such as ice cream is not just for summer/ there's no such thing as too many books- so it pains me to admit this but I simply don't know where to put them all in my small room! Thought this doesn't mean I intend to get rid of them- it's just shall we say...an observation.

An old picture with some of my favourite things
Company magazine//Essie polish// Revlon lipstick
3. I'm such a nostalgic kind of person- simply buying crisps that I used to have when I was younger (Transformers if you were wondering) takes me back to my childhood and just makes me smile. 

4. The Cosby Show has been taking most of my time- yes it's old but so awesome! It's so warm and funny (oh so, so delightfully funny!) I love it!