Twitter #eh?

Hey there!

See I just don't get Twitter. Now don't get me wrong I simply mean- how is it supposed to be used? I've tried to use it several times but it doesn't seem to come natural to me- tweeting.
Is it supposed to record your thoughts? My thoughts tend to ramble on forever- more than the 140 characters.
How is one witty & intelligent in such a small number of words for that matter?

Side note- I feel like this post paints me as someone from the dark ages with no understanding of social media- well to be frank yup I fit the bill. Seems the older I get the less I feel I have to say on things like Facebook and Twitter- bar interacting with people, I rarely share my own thoughts and stuff. Simply because it just doesn't occur to me to Facebook this or Tweet that (hey at least I 'get' the lingo!).The odd times I use Twitter is to share a post I've written or retweet something.

The point of this drivel is - what makes someone think 'hey let me tweet this/facebook this/share this' or I am over thinking the whole process?

Your thoughts?

Ta ta for now!

P.s. My twitter, for anyone who cares, is here *shameless plug*