Revlon Colorbust lipgloss in Papaya: A review

Hey there!

So as you may or may not know (!)- I'm a lipstick girl through and through, lip glosses aren't really my cup of tea at all. Except for the Revlon Colorbust Lipglosses.

Revlon Colorbust lip gloss in Papaya.

See the reason I just don't get on with lip gloss is that they're just too sticky and 'wet' feeling (what a gross way to put it-sorry!).
However, these Revlon ones are anything but sticky and feel very light on the lips.

The packaging is quite classy and the doe foot applicator does the job well...Now lets move on to the best thing about this lip gloss- the colour. A bright reddish orange that packs a punch- it's so pigmented.
 To be quite honest I bought this just based on the colour alone. I already owned another colour (Sunbaked) so knew the formula and all wouldn't disappoint.
Anyhow, even though it is a lip gloss, it sticks around (see what I did there?!) for some time and fades quite nicely.

Methinks I need a few more colours from this range...

                                                              Ta ta for now