Reflections #5: An autumn wishlist

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Hey there!

Now that autumn is in the air- it's the perfect excuse to add a 'few' more items to my wishlist, because new season / new..stuff and all that.

First up- jumpers, oh how I love big, snuggly jumpers. The ones I've picked here are both from New Look, they have the nicest selection but these two caught my eye due to the pretty detailing which you can see clearer on the actual website: 1 // 5 //

Another autumn 'necessity' is a candle- my favourite from last autumn/winter was Yankee Candle's Mandarin and Cranberry // 4 //. Though candles aren't restricted to the cold season- I appreciate the way they make a room look all kinds of cosy when you're all frozen back from uni/work etc. This particular one smells warm with a hint of fruit (if I remember correctly that is!)

These boots  //2//  from H&M  make my heart sing I tell you! Not only are they ankle boots and have no heels (I am rather tall) they are also a beautiful dark purple colour and quite honestly I love everything about them!

Something else that is from New Look and drew me because of the detailing and colour, is this Tan Clutch bag //3 //. Whether it is autumn appropriate or not- it is rather exquisite and I really like the envelope style.

This Illamasqua blusher in Sleek  // 6 // is  coral which I feel says it all really! And it was released as part of an autumn/fall collection- so it's perfectly justified- somehow!

Finally, of the many, many books I want to own- this collection // 7 // the Books of Pellinor by Alison Croggon is at the moment at number one. I have read the first book, The Gift and am now on The Riddle. My oh my is it well written and bloody gripping! It reminds me a little of the Harry Potter books and oddly enough Lord of the Rings (on account of the fact that it is a whole world) but at the same time it is nothing like them-anyhow so far it is fantastic and I don't want to give anything away as I intend to write a review on them.

                                                      So what's on your wishlist?
                                                                       Ta ta for now!