Reflections #4: Niqab Ban

Hey there!

So a college intended to ban the niqab. For those of you who may not know what the niqab is- it looks a little like this:

This was the campaign poster as well I think. 

Thing is, I don't even wear the niqab or the veil- I have my own personal opinions on it but my problem with this whole debacle is- why was this even up for discussion? This is obviously not the first time that what some women want to wear was dictated by the law- France comes to mind as they have banned the veil.

Though the college backtracked quite quickly on the policy, it is something to think about. Firstly I should point out that in colleges few people wear the veil. It is not very common. If someone chooses to cover her face, she is not a threat to anybody as this is the commonly touted spiel.
Secondly, in most workplaces such as in schools and so forth, women tend to take off their niqab when working so it does not get in the way of 'social interaction' and all that malarkey.
The most important and overriding fact however is; this is a choice, somebody chose to do this for religious and/or personal reasons, thus by preventing them from doing so for no clear reason their right is being taken away.